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News and new releases

There are several interesting new releases.  Scorpio released Led Zeppelin Second Night At The Forum (LZ-08023) a three disc set with the complete June 22nd, 1977 Los Angeles show.  This is a very rare show and it looks like Scorpio have produced a fine edition. 

Jeff Beck Big Block Dyno is a two disc set on the new Xavel Silver Masterpieces Label with the February 9th, 2009 NHK show in Tokyo.

Scorpio also released Jimi Hendrix Overdriven Amplifierswith three different shows including the February 4, 1967 show at The Flamingo Club on Wardour Street in London on disc one and is supplemented with what ended up being Jimi’s last performance with Eric Burdon & War at Ronnie Scott’s Club in London on September 16, 1970 as Jimi jammed on “Mother Earth” and “Tobacco Road”.  Disc two has The Jimi Hendrix Experience live at The “Underground Pop Festival” on Sunday, May 26, 1968 at the Palasport in Bologna, Italy.

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  1. Yes Heartbreaker. Both arrived at the CMR office today and will be reviewed very soon. I will say however that both sound very nice so far.

  2. Any plans to review the two new Zep Scorpio titles in the near future?

  3. Also, I understand that Beck and Clapton played some smokin shows together in Japan last month. Lets hope some CD’s come out for those shows as well.

  4. Hope someone has a review of the Scorpio Zeppelin set soon. Prior releases have been pretty mixed as far as quality goes, and if it’s 100% from the second night. Does anyone know if this is a Millard tape as well?

  5. True that the Hendrix well is more/less dry, but there are still quite a few tapes worth pressing which have never seen a silver release. At least 13 from 1968, 9 from 1969, and 11 from 1970… See these websites:

  6. There is so much commercially available live from Jimi, I don’t see how there could be much left. Love Hendrix though.

  7. Re Hendrix release.. yep, reissue apart from the Ronnie Scott’s jam which hasn’t seen an issue on CD before.. I guess… and it’s bound to be the newly discovered tape from the War show that night…

  8. Re: The Hendrix release – these look to be basically the same tapes previously available on factory-pressed silver discs as:
    Have Mercy On Me Baby! (Midnight Beat MB CD 038) and Quella Notte Hendrix Stego Una Generazione (Rattle Snake RS 073).
    Soooooo….. is anything achieved?
    Well, I guess it’s more-or-less a reissue.

  9. Are there any good quality tapes for the second night at The Forum in ’77? Never heard one.
    Maybe Scorpio came up with a new “better” “complete” source?

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