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 Coming out next week is an interesting array of titles.  Iron Maiden No Prayer Over Wembley (no label) is a one disc title featuring the pre-FM tape of the Wembley shows on December 17th and 18th, 1990. 

Ozzy Ozbourne Howling Bizzard (Shades 340) collects two documents from Ozzy’s debut solo tour.  Disc one contains the show on August 7th, 1981 at the Ocean State Theater, Providence, Rhode Island, from an audience tape.  Disc two contains the soundboard tape of the January 15th, 1982 Minnesota tape and includes “I Don’t Know.” 

Bruce Springsteen Someerville Story is a two disc soundboard recording from the Somerville Theatre, Somerville, MA on February 19th, 2003.

Bruce Springsteen Paid The Cost To Be The Boss features the soundboard recording from the November 4th, 1976 soundboard recording from the Palladium in New York. 

Eric Clapton God Notes Volume 1 (no label) is a four disc set featuring the March 5th, 2011 Las Vegas concert and the March 6th, 2011 San Diego show, both from excellent audience tapes. 

Eric Clapton God Notes Volume 2 (no label) is a four disc set featuring the March 8th and March 9th shows in Universal City, California. 

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  1. For those Maiden fans, I would like to suggest the NO PRAYER IN WEMBLEY. It’s an awesome sounding bootleg with a tight performance. Great addition to anyone’s collection. If you were hesitant for any reason, you don’t have to be no more. Great stuff.

  2. Wow, a soundboard from one of the Somerville shows?! Quite a find! If it’s only 2 discs, and hopefully it contains all the songs (and partial songs); then they must have cut all the spoken intros, dialogue, plus the Q&A with the audience. This show clocked in well over 3 hours.
    If this is the case, I’d prefer the whole show intact. If it truly is a soundboard, maybe someone will release the complete show.
    And finally, someone is releasing the 11-4-76 show! Always wanted this show on silver-Great Dane released it years ago but apparently, that was one of their titles that suffered from cd rot so I always stayed away from that one.
    I thought Godfather would eventually put this show out, but they’ve been trumped!

  3. You’re correct. I don’t remember the last great Sigma Pink Floyd release. It seems like ages ago. The 40th Anniversary edition of Layla, while not Floyd, is good compensation and something I’m looking forward to hearing.

  4. Yet again, for what seems as if it’s the umpteenth consecutive week, no non-Ke$ha Floyd-related release by Sigma – by now they’ve surely either tied or broken their previous record for going most consecutive weeks without any non-Ke$ha Floyd-related release(s). Oh well, at least I can enjoy listening to my 40th Anniversary official re-release of the non-Ke$ha “Layla” by Derek & The Dominos that’s supposed to be released tomorrow. Thanks for the info


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