News for April 25th, 2008

Several silver titles were released today.  Paul McCartney Wembley The Live Fantastic is on the Master Of Beatles Essentials label.  It presents on two discs the soundboard recording from the January 23rd, 1990 show from Wembley with bonus tracks from January 16th and January 26th, 1990. 

There is a second version of Wembley The Live Fantastic on MBE limited to seventy-five copies and includes, in addition to the two audio discs, two DVDr with the January 24th, 1990 on DVDr one and January 21st, 1990 on DVDr.  Both shows are from audience shot sources.  The second DVDr also includes a 1990 London press conference. 

Roxy Music Fabulous Creation is a two disc title on the Vintage Master Premium label which includes the soundboard for the City Hall, Newcastle, England show on October 28th, 1974 with bonus material from the US tour 1975 and from Empire Pool Wembley London from October 17th & 18th, 1975.

Vintage Master Premium is issue a Roxy Music silver pressed DVD titled If There Is Something.  This contains various television appearances in both the UK and US, from 1972 to 1976.  I believe this is the very first DVD on this label.  And both Fabulous Creation and If There Is Something are also available together. 

The SODD label have two brand new Rolling Stones releases coming out.  Paris Par Excellence (SODD 067/068) is a two disc title covering the June 7th, 1976 Paris concert and Terrifying (SODD 064/065/066) is a three disc soundboard from their December 19th, 1989 Atlantic City show.

And finally Empress Valley released FOR BADGE HOLDERS ONLY 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION (EVSD-465~482).  This is eighteen discs and one DVD with the complete run of shows at the Forum.  This is running over the same old ground at an obscene price, but it has an authentic source for “Ten Years Gone” for the June 22nd show.  This comes in two different covers each limited to one hundred and fifty copies each in packaging similar to Deep Throat.  This will surely sell out fast and will be another legendary title in the future which will finance remodeling your kitchen, the car payments and your kid’s college education.

An early review from a correspondent in Japan states about this set:  it has “crispy sound and too cold…EV from the recent trend of the hiss noise.  Scorpio nevertheless I think is better.”  The Air Raid site though says they are all the best sounding.  Below are some photos courtesy of the Broken Arrow blog:    

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  1. The reports I’m hearing say this box set is a “mess” with problems amd mastering faults on every show. There will be a review coming to these pages shortly.

  2. Hello Ledman, Did you get a chance to play the rest of the EV Badge Holders set yet… Anymore thoughts on it?

  3. I just finished listening to the 06/21/77 show and although it does have some hiss it’s still a upgrade compared to some of the other releases.

  4. Has anyone heard any other reports on the new EV Badgeholders box set?


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