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The Beatles - Budokan 30.6.1966 1988 Edition

The Beatles – Budokan 30.6.1966: 1988 Japanese Broadcast Edition is a no label pressed DVD with yet another version of the pro-shot Budokan concert from June 30th, 1966. This time from a broadcast in 1988.

The Beatles - Candlestick Park 1966

The Beatles – Candlestick Park 1966 (no label) is a single disc from San Francisco, CA on August 29th, 1966.

Wings - Wild Life Unreleased DCC

Wings – Wild Life: Unreleased DCC 24K Gold Disc (no label) is a single disc from the DCC Compact Classics Remastered by Steve Hoffman and includes 4 bonus tracks.

Pink Floyd - Pepperland 1970 1st gen

Pink Floyd – Pepperland 70: 1st Gen Reel (Sigma 99) is a 2CD set from Pepperland Auditorium, San Rafael, CA on October 16th, 1970. This was last released as Pepperland 1970 (Sirene-073) but Sigma is listed as “Longer & Upgrade”.

Pink Floyd - Winterland 1972

Pink Floyd – Winterland 1972 (Sigma 100) is a 2CD set from Winterland Auditorium in San Francisco, CA on September 24th, 1972. This was previously released twice on silver. First as Winterland 1972 (Sirene-046) paired with the previous days show and on discs 3 & 4 of Dark Side Of The West (Sigma 32) which also featured the Hollywood Bowl gig from September 22nd, 1972. Again, this is listed as “Longer & Upgrade”.

Gary Moore - Lost Episode

Gary Moore – Lost Episode: Rare Studio Tracks 1978 – 2001 (no label) is a single disc that collects studio outtakes and demos from G-Force, Thin Lizzy, and his solo years.

Ozzy - Ultimate Sin In Chicago

Ozzy Osbourne – Ultimate Sin In Chicago (Zodiac 025) is a single disc from the UIC Pavillion in Chicago, IL on April 5th, 1986.

Ozzy - No Rest For The Rosemont

Ozzy Osbourne – No Rest For The Rosemont (Zodiac 024) is a 2CD set from Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, IL on  December 27th, 1988.

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  1. According to Glenn Povey’s Echoes The Complete History of Pink Floyd the band played pepperland on October 16 and 17th 1970. The common tape is from the 17th and features the multiple power outages during the opening Astronomy Domine. I am guessing the Winterland release is from what is circulated as a two source mix, something that is already being disputed.

  2. The extra tracks on the Wings CD are the Ram era – Another Day / Oh Woman, Oh Why / Mary Had A Little Lamb / Little Woman Love

  3. thanx for the info. i seem to recall the Floyd at Pepperland show as being on the 17th of Oct. rather than the 16th, so can anybody confirm if the exact date is actually correct, and if it is, then wasn’t the show formerly believed to be on the 17th rather than the 16th? thanx again


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