October’s Golden Eggs!

David Bowie – People On Streets (Demos and Rarities) (EGG 136) is a single disc described as “Another fantastic compilation of demo and rare songs. Most of them recorded between 1974 and 2016 with the exception of one special track which is from 1965. Quite a few of these are on silver pressed disc for the first time. People On Streets is named after the working title of Under Pressure”.

Genesis – How Dare I Be So Beautiful? (EGG 137) is a single disc from Palasport, Rome, Italy on January 22nd, 1973. This is the complete concert captured from an Excellent Mixer / Excellent Audience recording matrix source for the first time on CD.

Dire Straits – The Talking Heads Tour (EGG 138) is a single disc from the Roundhouse, London, UK on January 29th, 1978. This is an excellent audience recording on CD for the first time and features three bonus tracks from Foxes Greyhound, Croydon, UK on February 5th, 1978. The bonus tracks feature members of Dire Straits joining Talking Heads.

Ghost – Infernal Majesty (EGG 139) is a single disc containing, for the first time on CD, the complete GHOST radio sessions spanning their entire career (so far!). Recordings include BBC 1’s Rock Show from 2013/2015/2019, Music Feeds Sessions 2014, Sirius XM Sessions 2015, Album De La Semai Ne 2016, and TV France Sessions 2019. 

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