Pink Floyd – BBC Archives: Taken From The Stereo Mixes Of The Multi-Tracks Recordings (Siréne-026)

BBC Archives:  Taken From The Stereo Mixes Of The Multi-Tracks Recordings (Siréne-026)

Disc 1, July 16th, 1970 (59:41):  John Peel intro., The Embryo, Fat Old Sun, Green Is The Colour, Careful With That Axe Eugene, If, Atom Heart Mother

Disc 2, September 30th, 1971 (65:26):  John Peel intro., Fat Old Sun, One Of These Days, The Embryo, Echoes, blues

The first “Peel Sunday Concert” was recorded on July 16th and first broadcast on July 19th and repeated throughout the ’70’s.  It occurs a little more than two weeks from the Bath Festival appearance and was first released on the vinyl titles The BBC Tapes (Embryo Productions BBC 7071) and Eclipse (001 Diamond Records). 

On compact disc it appears on Pink Floyd Live (CDDV 2032DV) on More Records, Pink Floyd Live (MT CD 1104021), Pink Is The Pigon The Genuine Pig (TGP-CD-125) and the two Sirene releases BBC Archives, both mono and stereo.  The tape begins with Peel saying how excited he is to have Pink Floyd on the “Sunday, repeated on Wednesday” show before the band band start with a well developed version of “The Embryo”, which he calls “hopeful and optimistic”. 

“Fat Old Sun” receives its radio debut with Gilmour confirming it will be on the next LP.  “Green Is The Colour” and “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” are segued together as was the custom in early 1970.  Pink Floyd also premiered two new pieces, “If” and the grandiose “Atom Heart Mother” suite. The latter’s title is introduced under the working title and this is the day that saw its name change from “The Amazing Pudding” to what we now know.  The band is accompanied by the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble performing before a live audience. 

On the 30th of September, 1971 session, Pink Floyd returned to London’s Paris Cinema to promote their new album Meddle.  This concert was first broadcast on October 12th and is featured on the well known vinyl boots Floyds Of London (3645) reissued five times, London Wavelengths on Rock Hour (52 A/B BBC), One Of These Days on The Swingin’ Pig (TSP-034), See Emily Smile (905) and Tour 73 (Tour 73) which claims to be from France. 

On CD it has been released on Rockstars In Concert – Pink Floyd (MERIT-6117042), The Floyd’s Of London on Front Row Center, The Last BBC Session 1971 on Highland (HL 280), Meddler on Harvested (HRV CD 0001), One Of These Days (TSP-CD-034) on The Swingin’ Pig, and Rock Hour on Fire Power (FR-9042).  John Peel’s introduction is interrupted several times by applause before the band play “Fat Old Sun”.  In contrast to the previous year, the song is much more developed with lengthy guitar passages. 

“One Of These Days” is introduced featuring the vocal debut of Nick Mason, whose lips won’t move during the performance.  “Echoes” receives its radio debut and is followed by their blues piece lasting four and a half minutes.  There are several excellent releases of these sessions and Siréne is among the best available. 

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  1. I’ve got these in a mini lp sleeve that’s widely available on ebay.
    pretty cool.


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