Green Day – Sons Of Rage And Love (Apocalypse Sound AS175)

Sons Of Rage And Love (Apocalypse Sound AS175)

Kesselhaus der Kulturbrauerei, Berlin, Germany – May 7th, 2009:  Intro., Know Your Enemy, East Jesus Nowhere, Murder City, 21 Guns, American Idiot / I Feel Good, Jesus Of Suburbia, She, Basket Case

TV Total, May 6th, 2009:  Know Your Enemy

Saturday Night Live, May 16th, 2009:  Know Your Enemy, 21 Guns

Late Show with David Letterman, May 22nd, 2009:  East Jesus Nowhere

Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien June 2nd, 2009:  Know Your Enemy

Good Morning America, May 22nd, 2009:  American Idiot, Know Your Enemy

Last Call with Carson Daly – June 9th / 12th, 2009:  Interview, Know Your Enemy, Murder City, 21st Century Breakdown

Foxboro Hot Tues:  Stop Drop And Roll, Mother May

Live At Abbey Road, London – May 4th, 2009:  Know Your Enemy, East Jesus Nowhere, St. Jimmy, 21 Guns, American Idiot

Sons Of Rage And Love on Apocalypse Sound gathers together many television performances and appearances from the promotion of their latest CD 21st Century Breakdown in May 2009.  The bulk majority of the appearances focus upon American television, but the longest are from broadcasts in Germany which is arguably has the strongest Green Day fanbase.  The video quality for all of the chapters is uniformly excellent as is the sound.  They were all taped straight off of the telecasts in HD.  

The first and longest portion is the Green Day Special Auf MTV, telecasting a showcase for the new album at the Kesselhaus in Berlin on May 7th, 2009.  The set list is rather short given the conception of their new rock opera.  They play the first single “Know Your Enemy” from the first act Heros And Cons.  They follow with “East Jesus Nowhere” and “Murder City,” both of which are from Act II and  finaly the second single “21 Guns.”  The rest of the telecast contains older songs including the mini-rock opera “Jesus Of Suburbia.”

TV Total comes from May 6th, 2009 and is another telecast in Germany to promote the first single “Know Your Enemy.”  The next three chapters are all from American telecasts and are all taped before a studio audience.

The “Good Morning America” telecast also was taped off of television in excellent quality.  Green Day played a set for the GMC Summer Concert Series in Central Park on May 22nd and played “Longview,” “She,” “Know Your Enemy,” “American Idiot,” “21st Century Breakdown,” “East Jesus Nowhere,” “The Static Stage” and “Jesus Of Suburbia.”  The telecast starts off with a short interview on stage with Billy Joe Armstrong in front of the audience and only two of the songs, “American Idiot” and “Know Your Enemy” have airtime. 

“Last Call With Carson Daly” was broadcast throughout the week of June 9th on NBC, a “week long love-fest” in the words of the host.  It features both interviews and several of the songs from the new album.  The final segment is Green Day live at Abbey Road.  They are interviewed about the songs and perform them in the studio.  For a Green Day fan wanting a comprehensive record of their television appearances, this is an excellent release worth having.   

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