U2 – Restart (Apocalypse Sound AS168)

Restart (Apocalypse Sound AS168)

“We Are One’ Washington DC, Lincoln Memorial, January 18, 2009 – Pride (In The Name Of Love) – City Of Blinding Lights       

There’s no other band on this planet that can pull off playing at the Lincoln Memorial.  U2 does it not only well but better than anyone else.  Bono’s voice cracks a few times but he’s in good voice for the most part.  This particular performance is for Obama’s campaign.  Bono mentions this during the performance.  Let Freedom Ring  

Grammy Awards, Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA, February 8, 2009 – Get On Your Boots        A great performance of the then current single.  The visuals displayed on the giant screen behind the band are stunning.  The band pulls off a powerful performance for the American tv audience.  

The Brit Awards, Earls Court, London, UK, February 18, 2009 – Get On Your Boots        This is almost a carbon copy of the Grammy performance 10 days earlier.  Same stage set-up, same big screen visuals.  The band turns out a another convincing performance of “Get On Your Boots”.  

Echo Awards, O2 Arena, Berlin, Germany February 21, 2009 – Get On Your Boots        The same visuals are used on a giant screen behind the band.  Even though the two previous clips are very similiar to this one the visuals and quality of the clips are amazingly clear and vivriant.  

Le Grand Journal, Canal Plus, Paris, France February 23, 2009 – Get On Your Boots – Interview – Breath

This is U2 in an intimate setting.  The first thing that struck as odd is the fact that the video for the 1st half on “Get On Your Boots” is in sync with the performance but the 2nd half is not.  The interview is great with the band letting their guard down and giving some really insightful answers to the questions.  Next up is a performance of “Breath” and again the video does not sync up with the audio.  The performance is strong and the song works well live.  

The Rooftop Concert, BBC Broadcasting House, London, UK Portland Place, February 27, 2009 – Intro – Get On Your Boots – Magnificent – Vertigo – Beautiful Day       

WOW!!!!!!  Only U2 can pull this one off.  Only U2 can draw as many people to one spot.  The camera work is stellar for this performance considering how tough it must have been to get close-ups of the band due to the location.  The long shots really show the magnatude of the crowd that had gathered on the streets below.  What is truly amazing is the fact that the majority of the people down below can’t even see the band.  Magnificent is an instant classic and will translate into the stadiums well.  An all-time classic for sure!!!!  The Edge’s haunting leads take the song into the stratosphere.  

Good Morning America, Fordham University, New York City, NY March 6, 2009 – Get On Your Boots – Magnificent – I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight – Beautiful Day – Breathe (Partial) – Interview

U2 Goes To College.  The band turns in another amazing performance for Good Morning America.  In the immortal words of MC Hammer “You Can’t Touch This”!!!  During the interview segment Bono asks for a microphone so the crowd can hear their replies to the questions.  Larry comments that his father would be proud of him.  He finally made it to college.       

This compilation of clips is fantastic in the sense that it shows the promotion juggernaut in full swing.  These clips show why U2 is and will be always be the biggest band on the planet.  No other band does what they do so well.  This DVD hammers that fact home.  The packaging is the standard “A.S.” packaging with numerous with great black and white promo pics on the outside and awesome color pics taken from the clips on the inside.  This DVD is a must for “ANY” U2 fan and i’m sure it will be a big seller.  “A.S.” released a companion title “Reboot Yourself” which contains many more clips.  Make sure you pick it up as well…

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  1. A great visual compilation of excellent performances gathered together in perfect picture and sound quality of what appears to be a tease of the upcoming tour. I’m sure the band was quite proud of performing (Pride) In The Name Of Love in front of Lincoln Memorial where 46 years ago Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous speech and this song is a tribute to him. I watched this pressed DVD several times.


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