A round up of new releases ..

Several new releases have appeared in the last few days, take a seat, there’s quite a few ..


The Stones recent tour leg in japan has fostered more releases from different labels beginning with the oddly titled and oddly covered “RSTYO20140306”, sounding like a laboratory project, looking like a 50’s B-movie, it’s an audience recording from the Stones show from the Tokyo Dome on the 6th of March. Initial copies also include a DVDR of the show at the dome on the 26th of February.


That show also features on the 2 CD set “First Night On Fire” on the Geisha Records label.


While the show from the 4th of March features on the label’s twin release, “Second Night on Fire”. The two sets feature an impressive artwork that’s both cute and funny at the same time.

Rumoured was another of Empress Valley’s massive boxed sets also from that very same tour. The recordings were apparently from a mixture of audience recordings and IEM’s (Mick’s IEM seems to have been the one that was tapped this time) but the set has since disappeared from the internet.


Beatles fans are rewarded after a long wait with two interesting releases; the first from the Unicorn label, “And Now The Time Has Come” features an impressive 44 tracks – the bulk of which come from upgrades to the Liverpool Empire Theatre 7th, December, 1963 and Royal Variety Performance show on the 10th of November, 1963 plus added upgrades and additional pieces that have appeared from different sources recently.


“Abbey Road Anthology Vol’s 1, 2 & 3” feature various parts of the famous album over 6 disks which are, according to the preview notes for the set, “Are Remastered And Reconstructed From Rockband or Taken From 5.1 Extractions. Pitch, Phase, Level Corrected And Remixed Offering A New Listening Experience.”


Beatles fans may also like to see the Paul McCartney set, “Out There, Japan Tour, 2013”. An soundboard recording from the show on the 21st of November, 2013. A proshot DVD also exists from the same show.


Bob Dylan collectors, however, are catered for by the Durango label once more, 2 sets including “Oh Murcia”, a recording from Narciso Yepes Hall, Auditorio Y centro de congreses De Murcia, Spain on the 19th of April, 1999.


“Princes kept the view” was recorded live at the Arena flegrea, Naples, Italy on the 26th of July, 2001. Both of the Dylan releases feature 8 page booklets.

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  1. Nice catch pinballwizard, that’s the Broad records release pictured above. Nice to see another McCartney soundboard catch on. I’ve been enjoying the HMC soundboards but having something that’s even more up to date helps with the change in set lists.

  2. More than one label is releasing the McCartney 21 November 2013 soundboard. I’ve ordered the Broad Disc label version while it is on ‘special price’.


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