Beatles For Sale (DBM-017)


Beatles For Sale (DBM-017)

No Reply, I’m A Loser, Baby’s In Black, Rock And Roll Music, I’ll Follow The Sun, Mr. Moonlight, Kansas City / Hey Hey Hey, Eight Days A Week, Words Of Love, Honey Don’t, Every Little Thing, I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party, What You’re Doing, Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby.

Review :

Beatles For Sale, their fourth official LP, was initially released on mono on December 4, 1964 on vinyl and on February 26, 1987 on compact disc.  Like the first three albums, the initial cd release was from the stereo mix transferred into mono.  Other needle drops include at least three versions of the mono transfer of the LP.  The “U.K.” Collection (PMC 1240/MFSL 1-104) of 2002, with both the mono and stereo, uses the mono edition from the 1982 box set LP.  Some have noted that this, compared to the Dr. Ebbett edition, has slight surface noise and is slightly flatter.  Two years later the same label issued two versions with both stereo and mono:  the Japan “Red Collection” (EAS 70133/EAS80553) and the “U.K. Collection” (BM-1/BC-13). 

Dr. Ebbett released the mono in 2003 on cdr. A more recent appearance of the mono is in the Purple Chick three cdr set Beatles For Sale Deluxe Vol. 1 (disc 2), which collates it with the stereo version and various outtakes and non-album singles from those sessions.  Dr. Ebbett’s DBM Beatles For Sale is the same as their 2003 release but on silver pressed cd and with artwork inspired by the old MFSL vinyl.  The transfer is flawless as many of the others with no digital flaws or surface noise.  “Words Of Love” is nine seconds longer in mono than it is in stereo.  This release by Dr. Ebbett is excellent and definitely worth having.  (GS)  

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