The Rolling Stones – Tampa 1994 (No Label)

Rolling Stones - Tampa 1994

Tampa 1994 (No Label)

Tampa Stadium, Tampa, Florida – November 22, 1994

CD1 (59:23) 1. Introduction, 2. Not Fade Away, 3. Tumbling Dice, 4. You Got Me Rockin, 5. Shattered, 6. Rocks Off, 7. Sparks Will Fly, 8. I Can’t Get No Satisfaction, 9. Beast of Burden, 10. Far Away Eyes, 11. Doo Doo Doo Heartbreaker, 12 Love is Strong, 13. It’s All Over Now

CD2 (73:56) 1. I Go Wild, 2. Miss You, 3. Band Introductions, 4. Honky Tonk Women, 5. Before They Make Me Run, 6. The Worst, 7. Sympathy for the Devil, 8. Monkey Man, 9. Street Fighting Man, 10 Start Me Up, 11. It’s Only Rock N Roll, 12. Brown Sugar, 13. Jumping Jack Flash

The Tampa show, with opening act The Spin Doctors, was the 49th show of the Voodoo Lounge tour and was 3 days before the Miami Pay Per View show which featured guest musicians Sheryl Crow and Robert Cray.

I am speculating it is sourced from the recent bonanza of Stones SB recordings streaming on the Wolfgang’s Vault website being pressed onto silver disc by boot labels and as such is an EX crystal clear SB recording with a wide soundstage and very sharp separation of the instruments. Ronnie’s guitar dominates the right channel and Keef in the left. The audience is slightly distant in the recording but there is just enough in the mix to keep the recording from being too dry as some SB’s can tend to be.

The recording starts out unbalanced with Mick’s vocals and the guitars dominating the mix on the first couple of songs but the soundman makes the required adjustments to where it becomes a fairly well balanced by Tumbling Dice with the vocals and guitars still slightly dominating. With the guitars up in the mix and the razor sharp separation of instruments this is a recording for guitar lovers.

The Stones were a well-oiled machine by the time of this show and, as I have found with all the recordings from this tour, the performances were consistently good. This show is no exception as the band is very tight and in sync this night giving an excellent, spirited and very professional performance.

The Band opened with the song, Not Fade Away off of their 1964 debut album as part of a 22 song set list containing a nice mix of old and new with 5 songs from the new Voodoo Lounge album along with the expected greatest hits.

The performance, while excellent, is a little laid back as a whole with the energy level of the band really picking up when playing the new Voodoo Lounge album songs with “You Got Me Rocking” and “I Go Wild” having that old Stones vibe and seamlessly fitting in with the old classics in the set list.

Highlights for me included a soulful version of “Beast of Burden” with Ronnie and Keith trading solo spots, “Far Away Eyes” with Mick doing his best Grand Old Opry imitation, “Heart Breaker”, “Sympathy For The Devil” which elicited screams from the crowd, and one of my all-time favorites “Monkey Man”.

Keith never disappoints with his 2 song interlude and showed his sharp wit when he flubbed the opening to “The Worst”, and not missing a beat, commented “That is why they call it the Worst, start that again” and proceeded to play a beautiful soulful version of the new song which highlighted Ronnie’s subtle silky lap steel guitar. The second half of the concert featured the old warhorse hits people come to expect from the Stones culminating with the standard tour encore “Jumping Jack Flash”.

This No Name label release comes in the usual jewel box format with glossy inserts. While not essential, with the superb sound quality and excellent performance this recording would be a welcome addition to even the casual Stones fans collection and as such is highly recommended.

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