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New Chronicles Of Led Zeppelin

The Chronicles Of Led Zeppelin label are going to release A Quiet Before the Storm:  The Day On The Green Tapes Vol 1 (TCOLZ 042/043/044/045/046).  This is a five disc set with two sources for Led Zeppelin’s penultimate gig in the US on July 23rd, 1977 in Oakland California. 

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  1. The second source surfaced not far way from the time as first was discovered. Only one bootleg label, no labelled folks issued 2nd source under the title “Confusion” but the quality of the tape was muffled and distorted. Few years ago very good sounding low gen of 2nd source was traded worldwide and we can expect that TCOLZ used it to produce their set.

  2. The Led Zeppelin Database states: Hot from the heels is new announcement from The Chronicles Of Led Zeppelin label with their next release titled A Quiet Before The Storm: The Day On The Green Tapes Volume 1. A five-disc set will documenting both surfaced audience sources of group’s second to last US performance at Oakland on July 23rd, 1977. This two-day stint gathered also Rick Derringer and Judas Priest and is most known for its negative vibrations tied with what happened backstage when some of Bill Graham’s entourage was treated heavily by the Led Zeppelin camp. Previously the first audience tape was released many years ago by Image Quality under the title It’s Been Great and was often criticized for some unnecessary tape edits that are absent on many low gen copies of this source and its uncorrected speed. The second audience tape is known only also from a single release, no labelled Confusion that was released around the same time as Image Quality title. It is reported that The Chronicles Of Led Zeppelin used best possible transfers for both tapes and if so, this is a great add to the underground live catalogue of the band.

  3. I only knew of one source that IQ released a while ago ( I can’t remember the name). It was supposed to be pretty good. Anybody has info on the 2nd source?. Since this is Part 1 I guess Part 2 is going to be the next’s day show. I have A FIGHTING FINISH on SIRA which sounds great. Are there more sources for that show?

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