Beatles, Macca and Stones

Another mixed bag of releases from various different labels has appeared in ‘the quiet month’ of August.


Firstly, are you pining for your old vinyl bootlegs bought from the head shop from your time at collage? fear not as Rough Kut Trax present a new, upgraded and polished version of ‘Kum Back’, noted to be one of the first and foremost famous Beatles bootlegs ever. Taken from radio broadcasts of the ‘Get Back’ LP (Otherwise known as the production acetate of ‘Let It Be’) this 2 CD set features two versions of the old platter; Disk one features a non equalised, pitch corrected version of the first two pressings of the LP – Matrixes 773 & MAK 327/328 – the second CD features the 2 LPs but with noise reduction, pitch correction and equalisation.


Core Collection Project bring us two new Beatles releases of familiar material – the John Barrett tapes. ‘At Abbey Road Studios’ precedes HMCs release of this presentation, CCP claiming that this will be the best sounding source that you’ll have heard so far but the set is also coupled with a DVD featuring two versions of the visual presentation – a 2015 version and the original 1983 video. We’ll wait to see how it compares to the European release when that arrives.


CCP’s second release is a 4 CD set of the John Barrett tapes, ‘The John Barrett Master Collection’. Remastered a-new, the label boast that this is the most complete version of the set to date too but they don’t mention if this is a new and unheard source.


The Lesmorelabel bring the first 4 Beatles albums on DVD audio – the albums featured as both DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1ch Surround [24bit-96khz] and DTS-HD Master Audio Stereo & Mono [24bit-192khz] on each disk. Each of the four albums are only available separately.


Paul McCartney’s tour of the East keeps on giving as both Idol Mind and the Broad Disk Network engage us with two similar recordings; 


The Idol Mind label’s, “One Night At Judo Arena” is a Rubidium soundboard master recording of the Nippon Budokan, Tokyo show on April 28th, 2015. The first edition also features a bonus Blu Ray R of the broadcast.


The Broad Disk network bring us the same show but title theirs an ‘Arena Cloud Recording’. I assume, it is the same source as the Idol Mind however and would suit the cash conscious collector.


Finally, as Pinballwizard pointed out, enterprising bootleggers have already downloaded the i-Tunes only download of the Rolling Stones ‘Sticky Fingers’ show at the Henry Fonda theatre, Los Angeles on the 20th May, 2015. A great alternative for those who would prefer to avoid Apple’s download system, however, this is talk of an official release of this show on hard media before Christmas.

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