Beatles – Sgt. Peppers Multi-Tracks Separated (Misterclaudel mccd-80)


Sgt. Peppers Multi-Tracks Separated (Misterclaudel mccd-80)

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band:  Applause and crowd noise, Backing track, Lead and backing vocals, Lead guitar and brass, Full Multi Track Stereo Mix.  With A Little Help From My Friends:  Percussion bass guitar / guitar, Backing track, Lead and backing vocals / organ, Backing vocals / guitar, Full Multi Track Stereo Mix.  She’s Leaving Home:  Strings #1, Strings #2, Lead and backing vocals, Harmony and backing vocals, Full Multi Track Stereo Mix.  A Day In The Life:  Piano and lead vocals, Guitar and tambourine, Jangle piano / orchestra, Bass guitar and drums, Full Multi Track Stereo Mix.  Bonus Tracks:  Introduction For Sgt. Pepper’s, Billy Shears Applause, Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite Sound Effects, When I’m Sixty-Four, Good Morning Good Morning Animal Noises,  A Day In The Life Orchestra, A Day In The Life Hums, A Day In The Life Pianos, King Lear Act IV Scene VI (I am The Walrus)

Misterclaudel’s Sgt. Peppers Multi-Tracks Separated follows the release of Multi-Tracks From Sgt Peppers released by about a month.  The two-disc set presents the complete web casts of the recently surfaced and previously unheard multi tracks from the Sgt Peppers sessions including podcast comments and chat.  This one disc distillation presents all of the individual tracks free from interference and all of the tracks are placed in a logical order making it easier to follow and appreciate.    The first five tracks are related to the first song on the album “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”  The first track is almost two and a half minutes of audience buzz, hums, and giggles used by the band to set the mood.  The “backing track” follows the crowd noises and is the drums, bass, and rhythm guitar for the commercial version. 

The “lead and backing vocals” emphasizes Paul’s lead and the rest of the band on the chorus.  The music can be faintly heard.  The “lead guitar and brass” track emphasizes those instruments from the song.  The final “full multi-track stereo mix” brings them all together and you can hear the final complete song.  The version on this release doesn’t segue into “With A Little Help From My Friends” as it does on Sgt. Pepper’sThe first track for “With A Little Help From My Friends” features the percussion and bass guitar with the vocals very low in the mix. It is fascinating to hear the bass line separated from the rest of the song since it is much more interesting than one initially think. 

The “back track” features all of the instruments minus lead guitar and vocals.  the lead and backing vocal track begins with the “Billy Shears” introduction and focuses upon Ringo’s lead and the band’s backing vocals.  The backing vocals track is least interesting since it features some of the backing vocals by John, Paul, and George.  The final full multi-track is the final stereo edition of the song ending Paul saying “yea.”  The following five tracks focus on “She’s Leaving Home.”  The two “strings” tracks both feature the harp, violins and cellos, but the mix is a bit different.  The lower strings sound louder In the second strings track than in the first. 

The lead vocals focus on Paul singing the song with the backing vocals by the rest of the band in the chorus.  The “harmony and backing vocals” features Paul’s contribution to the backing vocals along with the rest of the band.  Finally there is the complete commercial version of the song in glorious stereo, putting together the previous four tracks.  The following five tracks focus on the final song on the album “A Day In The Life.”  The first track isolates John and Paul singing their respective leads and playing some of their piano fills.  The next track focuses upon the guitar, piano and tambourine lines of the song, followed by a track that isolates the jangle piano at the beginning and the orchestral parts by the end including the final ascending crash. 

The bass and drums isolate those instruments in the track, and like the previous three songs is followed by the stereo mix of the final commercially released version.  The bonus tracks are a collection of interesting studio effects used on the Sgt. Pepper’s sessions.  The first contains more of the crowd noise introduced by with “this is atmosphere into St. Pepper.”  The Billy Shears applause is labeled on the tape, “the is the applause for ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ on twenty.”  The “Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite” contains the circus noises used on the final track.  The “When I’m Sixty-Four” isolates Paul’s vocals and has sparse accompaniment. 

“These are the animal effects for ‘Good Morning Good Morning'” the engineer says on the next track, and it is ninety seconds of dogs, birds, and roosters.  The next three tracks focus on the final chord of “A Day In The Life” which isolates the orchestra, hums, and pianos.  (“It goes on forever.  It’s almost all over, but quite” George Martin narrates at the end).  The final track is simply the King Lear broadcast used in “I Am The Walrus.”  This is packaged in a single jewel case with thick glossy inserts with a track listing.  Misterclaudel use the same front design as the other release but with the new title and with a black background instead of red.  These brand new Beatle outtakes are essential and compulsive listens capturing the band at work on their masterpiece.        

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