The Rolling Stones – RaretrackS+ (SODD-108)

RaretrackS+ (SODD-108)

(76:50):  Fingerprint File (Original Long Version), Miss You (Another Version), Far Away Eyes (Another Version), Beast Of Burden (Another Version), Shattered (Another Version), Summer Romance (Another Version), Emotional Rescue (Long Version), Hang Fire (Another Version), Slave (Original Long Version), Black Limousine (Another Version), No Use In Cryin’ (Another Version), Undercover Of The Night (Another Version), She Was Hot (Long Original Version)

RaretrackS+ is a one disc collection documenting alternate versions of various Rolling Stones tracks between 1974 to 1983.  There is no cohesive theme drawing these tracks together except they are by the Stones and have some differences to the officially released counterparts. 

The first track is “Fingerprint File.”  This is the final version of the song as it appears on It’s Only Rock And Roll except it has a different mix and runs a bit slower.  As a result of the slower speed the duration is about thirty seconds longer than the official version.

The next four tracks come from the 8-track edition of Some Girls released in June 1978.  These four songs differ from their counterparts on the LP.  “Miss You” is a bit longer and contains additional lyrics.  This version received a tremendous amount of airplay on WPLJ in New York upon its release.  “Far Away Eyes” is the single edit, shorter than the LP by about thirty seconds.  “Beast Of Burden” is slightly longer than the LP counterpart.  The additional duration comes from extra measures on the instrumental passages before the bridge.  “Shattered” is slightly short than the LP and is the same as the promo edit.

The following two tracks are from Emotional Rescue.  “Summer Romance” has the finished lyrics but is about two minutes longer than the official version.  “Emotional Rescue” is the same as the final version but is about two minutes longer with a prolonged instrumental bridge. 

The next four tracks come from Tattoo You with three of them dating from the Emotional Rescue sessions in 1979.  “Hang Fire” and “Black Limousine” are all longer, rawer alternate studio performances of the well known songs.  “Ain’t No Use In Crying” is a longer take, lasting about a minute and a half longer than the official version on Tattoo You.  Finally “Slave” is the same eleven minute marathon commonly found on many bootlegs.

Finally, there are two tracks from the 1983 LP Undercover.  “Undercover Of The Night” is a different performance than found on the LP.  This has a different vocal line and is much more raw and unproduced, lacking the guitar effects.  “She Was Hot” is the promo video version with a different intro and one more verse.  The sound quality of all the songs are very good to excellent professional recordings.  It’s a nice collection by SODD for those who may not have this material on any other collection. 


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