Beatles – UK Singles Collection Volume 1 (DBM-062)

UK Singles Collection Volume 1 (DBM-062)

(64:34):  Love Me Do, P.S. I Love You, Please Please Me, Ask Me Why, From Me To You, Thank You Girl, She Loves You, I’ll Get You, I Want To Hold Your Hand, This Boy, Can’t Buy Me Love, You Can’t Do That, A Hard Day’s Night, Things We Said Today, I Feel Fine, She’s A Woman, Ticket To Ride, Yes It Is, Help, I’m Down, Day Tripper, We Can Work It Out, Paperback Writer, Rain, Yellow Submarine, Eleanor Rigby

Dr. Ebbett produced the two volume UK singles collection in 2005 and according to the announcement made at the time of its release:  

It features the A and B sides of every regular issue British 45 rpm record the Beatles releases during their time together.  This set is sourced entirely from 7 inch vinyl records – some of them being the original first-issue Parlophone 45s, some from the vinyl boxed set released in the 1970s.  This set includes what I believe to be one of the very few “first generation” vinyl transfers of “Love Me Do” available. As you know, the original 45 rpm version of “Love Me Do” featuring Ringo on drums is available on the US Rarities LP as well as Past Masters.  However, EMI as forced to remaster this track for those releases by transferring the audio from a 45 rpm record because the original master tape was lost or destroyed. This meant that by the time you got it, it went from master tape to vinyl back to master tape only to come back to vinyl or CD. You were, essentially, getting a version of the song twice removed from the source.  The version is here is taken directly from a first-issue original Parlophone 45.  This set also includes the original and much asked about “dry” versions of “Please Please Me” and “Ask Me Why” as issued on the original pressings of their second single.  Approximately 20% of the set is sourced from the original issue 45 rpm records, the rest from an unplayed version of the 1970s boxed set.

This is a silver pressed edition of what originally appeared on CDR in a flawless copy.  Some of the early silver Dr. Ebbett had some issues, but of late they have been perfect with no signs of blemish in the manufacturing.  All of the songs on volume one are in mono and in very good sound quality.  Some of the tracks, notably “Ticket To Ride” are not as good as the officially release singles collection on compact disc.  

Since this is not an album but entirely the creation of Dr. Ebbett it doesn’t hold together as such.  The song on the first volume date from their first single in late 1962 and go up to the end of 1966 with the “Paperback Writer” / “Rain” single and the single from Revolver.  The release dates of the singles contained on the disc are:  


Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You (Parlophone/October 5, 1962)
Please Please Me / Ask Me Why (Parlophone/January 11, 1963)
From Me To You / Thank You Girl (Parlophone/April 12, 1963)
She Loves You / I’ll Get You (Parlophone/August 28, 1963)
I Want To Hold Your Hand / This Boy (Parlophone/November 29, 1963)
Can’t Buy Me Love / You Can’t Do That (Parlophone/March 16, 1964)
A Hard Day’s Night / Things We Said Today (Parlophone/July 10, 1964)
I Feel Fine / She’s A Woman (Parlophone/November 23, 1964)
Ticket To Ride / Yes It Is (Parlophone/April 9, 1965)
Help / I’m Down (Parlophone/July 19, 1965)
Day Tripper / We Can Work It Out (Parlophone/December 3, 1965)
Paperback Writer / Rain (Parlophone/May 30, 1966)
Eleanor Rigby / Yellow Submarine (Parlophone/August 5, 1966)


The value in this collection is the emphasis that The Beatles, especially in the first couple years of their fame, were a singles-based band instead of album based.  Greater importance and creative energy was focused upon producing the individual hits for consumption rather than the more expansive concepts of the LP.  Listening to these singles in chronological order as presented on the disc reveal the artistic development of the band from the ballroom ballad to the psychedelia of “Rain” and “Eleanor Rigby.”  DBM-062 is packaged in a regular jewel case with the artwork of the original Dr. Ebbetts disc superimposed on the MFSL background.   

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