New Beatles and Led Zeppelin on Melvin

The Melvin label is reborn! Or actually, it’s here under the motor of Tarantura who have elicited to bring the label back to life on CD with two titles of mixed provenance.

The first title, ‘The F*ckin’ Spirit’ is a recording of the bands show at the Atlanta Pop Festival on the 5th of July, 1969. This show is doing the rounds after it’s recent find and this CD is presumably taken from the same torrent.

The Beatles ‘Rumi Tape And More’ is from a lo-fi recording from radio of a Japanese interview with ‘Rumi’, recorded during sessions for ‘Fool On The Hill’ where segments of the track can be heard being performed. There are bonus extras on the disk in the form of a collection of ‘Cry Baby Cry’ demos on piano and electric guitar and the long version of ‘All Too Much’. The Rumi recording is a rare find on silver CD but the recording has been, historically, ‘testing’ to put it politely – We hope that Tarantura have at least found an upgrade of ANY kind.

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