New Dylan and Beatles!

Though there seem to be few recordings from Dylan’s tour of Japan this year (an oversight as these shows had more surprises from Bob in a long while the Nanker Dog label have released, ‘Tokyo Final Night’ a 2 CD of the show on the 16th of April.
The set includes a bonus DVD featuring visual highlights from two shows, the 8th and 16th of April – 116 minutes of high quality footage from these gigs. Initial copies of this release have been released on BluRay-R with presumably the same footage.

Superb Premium release a new 2 CD set of the Beatles at San Houston Colliseum in Houston Texas, 1965. Stereo and mono remasters and remixes of the afternoon and evening shows over two disks.

‘The Beatles at the BEEB’ is a radio special by the BBC of some of the best Beatles performances, this time DAP have run the special through their AI stereo remaster machine, presumably to give the mainly mono broadcast a lift.

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