New Lennon title on HMC and a new Beatles label


In addition to their latest Intertel video release the HMC label have announced their next CD release, ‘1974 L.A. Jam sessions’ – For those of you that enjoyed ‘A Toot and a Snore’, the Mistral label release from the CD bootlegs heyday that featured John Lennon and a cast of many sloshing about in the record plant in L.A. in the middle of John’s ‘lost weekend’. Variously drunken, rude and sloppy in equal measures, this was one release that gave a fly on the walls overview of Lennon and chums, ‘letting their hair down’.

This new release features a new transfer of that tape which extends the recording but a few seconds at either side, the rest of the two disk set features yet another session at the studios while recording Harry Nilson’s ‘Pussy Cats’ album with a different set of characters including Simon and Garfunkel turned up to play.

Judging by the tracklist (below) expect more of the rambunctious same but with a little extra crudity.


A new label has also appeared under the name ‘Sam’s Goodies’ – Two Beatles titles, one McCartney, One Harrison. At first I might suggest a lower par recording label but with some of these titles in mind, it might be more of a Black Dog affair;


Paul McCartney’s One To One show in Berlin from earlier this year is the labels first release. We assume an audience recording from June the 14th.


The George Harrison release is one of the late Beatles last live shows and already released by various other labels previous, ‘Osaka-Jo Hall’ is a recording from December 3rd, 1991 with bonus tracks from Tokyo on December the 10th and Yokohama on the 1st of December.


The first of the Beatles releases is another release for the Beatles Christmas album including studio speech outtakes and BBC sessions from Saturday Club in December 1963.


The second release features an acetate playback on WABC FM in the USA featuring different mixes from the 1968 ‘The Beatles’ album – the sound is mentioned as being ‘Lo-fi’ – Make of that what you will! Disk two features the classic Midnight Beat bootleg, ‘Gone Tomorrow, Here Today’.

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