New mixture of Japanese titles and HMC news.

Recently the Dog N’ Cat label have brought to us 3 new titles for their catalogue;


“Zip Code Tour Nashville” is the labels presentation of the LP Field show in Nashville, TN on June 17th, 2015. Brad Paisley joins the band on the guest slot, ‘Dead Flowers’.


“Kansas City Here We Come” was recorded at the Arrowhead stadium in Kansas city, Missouri on the 27th of June, 2015.


Finally, “Down In The Backyard” comes from Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis, Indiana on the 4th of July, 2015.

On the Xavel Silver Masterpiece Series label, there are two more Stones ‘Zip Code’ tour CDs;


“Motor Town Ecstacy” (sic) is an IEM / audience matrix of the Comerica Park, Detroit, MI gig on the 8th July 2015. The song vote winner was ‘Rocks Off’.


“Zip the U.S. Closed!” features the Ralph Wilson Stadium concert at Orchard Park, NY, on the 11th July 2015. Tonight’s vote went to, ‘Lets Spend The Night Together’.

The label have also released two additional 2 CD sets;


A recording of the Boston show at the Festival Park (Victoria Casino), Elgin, IL on the 3rd July 2015, “Day Is The Night In Elgin” is first. It’s another IEM / audience matrix.



Last, but not least, U2 get a spot on “My Kind Of Town” from a date on the iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour (A bug bear for computer’s spell checkers everywhere ..) at the United Center, Chicago, IL, USA 2nd July 2015. Again, an IEM / Audience matrix.


The DVDs from HMCs last volume, “The Abbey Road” video show are now being shipped. If you haven’t got yours, ask your dealer.

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  1. I received my Abbey Road HMC title on Saturday. Must of had the corrected DVD as it played beautifully. Another great title from HMC. I buy all of their titles because they obviously love the Beatles and put out wonderful releases for fans. Quality all the way. I play their discs all the time and enjoy them. Right Now I’m listening to ” WE ARE THE EGGMEN” a fantastic MMT anthology with a perfect sounding Death Cab For Cutie on CD #1. Just great! Looking forward to 1+ and the next HMC set.

  2. I understand that the Stones Indianapolis tape is an exceptional audience recording. Might have to pick this one up. Its been awhile since I got a Rolling Stones audience recording. I have plenty in the collection and enjoy most of them, but I try to stick with the soundboards since I play them more frequently. I use SM’s “GIMME ALL YOUR MONEY” as a benchmark for Stones audience recordings. This CD is the January 25, 1999 NO SECURITY opener in Oakland, Ca. Its truly a fantastic audie. Great instrument separation and clear vocals and a great set list. One of the best audience recordings I’ve ever heard and often reviewed as a soundboard which gives one a clue to its quality.


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