Please Please Me (DBM-014)


Please Please Me (DBM-014)

I Saw Her Standing There, Misery, Anna (Go To Him), Chains, Boys, Ask Me Why, Please Please Me, Love Me Do, P.S. I Love You, Baby It’s You, Do You Want To Know A Secret, A Taste Of Honey, There’s A Place, Twist And Shout

Review :

The mono edition of The Beatles’ first album was originally issued by EMI in 1987, a decision based on the opinion that the mono sounds much better and is closer to the spirit of the sessions than stereo.  Millennium Remasters issued the mono twice with the he first in 2002 (PMC 1202/MFSL 1-101) with both stereo and mono.  The latter is sourced from the UK mono box set of LPs issued in the early 1980’s.  According to one collector, this transfer is inferior because that label used an inferior quality vinyl source, the mono runs at the wrong speed, and there is heavy-handed equalization.  The second Millennium Remasters version, the Red Collection, came out two years later (EAS 70130/EAS 80550) sourced from Japanese copies of the vinyl.

Dr. Ebbett’s first issue of the UK mono was on CDR in 2003 (PMC 1202).  This new version is a flawless new transfer from a pristine vinyl copy with no hint of vinyl noise and a very warm, natural and clear sound.  It is well known this album was recorded in one session and although it produced several hits and the classic cover of “Twist & Shout,” is does have its forgettable points as well.  Dr. Ebbett press this on silver discs and utilize the MFSL style cover for the front as they have bee doing with all of their Beatles release so far this year.  Questions about the best vinyl transfer of this album are always debatable, but this is a superior release that is worth having.  (GS)   

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