Beatles! Stones! Lennon!

A few more new releases ..


The Beatles “Get Back Acetate Collection” (Custom Recordings JS7500)  is a 3 CD collection of various acetates from the ‘Get Back Sessions’ including the famous first bootlegs – ‘O.P.D’ (Disk 2) and ‘Kum Back’ (Disk 1) as well as other acetates from various tape sources also including the WBCN Radio broadcast prior to the official release of the LP.


John Lennon “New York 1972” is a collection of outtakes, oddities and broadcasts from the same era. 


The Rolling Stones “Live At The Marquee Club” is the latest Goldplate release of one particular show. Based around the named small club release in 1971, this set features both one CD covering the pre-show rehearsals and the main show and also includes a DVD featuring the original broadcast, the latest broadcast and the unedited tracks that were recorded that evening. 


“The Devil Is My Name” is the latest release from the SODD label collecting, you guessed it, all the available variants of the “Beggars Banquet” song beginning with the ‘One Plus One’ version and following on with the various alternate studio takes, mixes, remixes and mono varieties.   

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