The Beatles – Live: Les Beatles en Europe (Purple Chick PC-169/70)

Live: Les Beatles en Europe (Purple Chick PC-169/70)

DISC ONE [65:29]  

Palais des Sports, Paris, France – 20 June, 1965 (afternoon)
1: intro (Et Maintenant Une Chanson + Live In Paris 1965)
2: Twist And Shout (Live In Paris 1965)
3: She’s A Woman (LIP + EMUC + LIP)
4: I’m A Loser (Live In Paris 1965)
5: Can’t Buy Me Love (LIP + EMUC)
6: Baby’s In Black (EMUC + LIP + EMUC + LIP)
7: I Wanna Be Your Man (LIP + EMUC + LIP)
8: A Hard Day’s Night (LIP + EMUC + LIP)
9: Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby (LIP + EMUC + LIP)
10: Rock And Roll Music (Live In Paris 1965)
11: I Feel Fine (LIP + EMUC + LIP)
12: Ticket To Ride (EMUC + LIP + EMUC + LIP + EMUC + LIP)
13: Long Tall Sally (LIP + City Of Light)
Palais des Sports, Paris, France – 20 June, 1965 (evening)
14: intro (City of Light)
15: Twist And Shout (City of Light)
16: She’s A Woman (City of Light)
17: I’m A Loser (City of Light)
18: Can’t Buy Me Love (City of Light)
19: Baby’s In Black (City of Light)
20: I Wanna Be Your Man (City of Light)
21: A Hard Day’s Night (City of Light)
22: Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby
(City of Light + Live In Paris 1965 + City of Light)
23: Rock And Roll Music (City of Light +
Live In Paris 1965 + City of Light + Can You Hear Me ?)
24: I Feel Fine (Can You Hear Me? + City of Light)
25: Ticket To Ride (City of Light)
26: Long Tall Sally (City of Light)
27: outro (City of Light + Live in Melbourne 1964 and Paris 1965)

DISC TWO [71:51]

IL BEATLESTeatro Adriano, Rome, Italy – 27 June, 1965 (afternoon):
1: Twist And Shout (The Beatles In Italy 1965)
2: She’s A Woman (The Beatles In Italy 1965)
3: I’m A Loser (The Beatles In Italy 1965)
4: Can’t Buy Me Love (The Beatles In Italy 1965)
5: Baby’s In Black (The Beatles In Italy 1965)
6: I Wanna Be Your Man (The Beatles In Italy 1965)
7: A Hard Day’s Night (The Beatles In Italy 1965)
8: Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby (The Beatles In Italy 1965)
9: Rock And Roll Music (The Beatles In Italy 1965)
10: I Feel Fine (The Beatles In Italy 1965)
11: Ticket To Ride (The Beatles In Italy 1965)
12: Long Tall Sally (The Beatles In Italy 1965)

Teatro Adriano, Rome, Italy – 27 June, 1965 (evening)
13: intro (The Beatles In Italy 1965)
14: Twist And Shout (The Beatles In Italy 1965 + Live Tracks Previously Italian E.P.)
15: She’s A Woman (Live Tracks Previously Italian E.P. + The Beatles In Italy 1965)
16: I’m A Loser (The Beatles In Italy 1965 + Live Tracks Previously Italian E.P.)

Source clarification:
Tracks 1-12 (afternoon show): The Beatles In Italy 1965 (Bulldog Records)
Tracks 13-16 (evening show): The Beatles In Italy 1965 (Misterclaudel)

THE BEATLESBlackpool Night Out, ABC Theater, Blackpool – 1 August, 1965
17: intro/I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside (Pollwinners Go To Blackpool)
18: ringo intro (Pollwinners Go To Blackpool)
19: intro (Mythology)
20: I Feel Fine (Mythology + Anthology 2 + Mythology)
21: I’m Down (Mythology + Anthology DVD + Mythology + Anthology DVD)
22: Act Naturally (Anthology DVD + Anthology 2)
23: Ticket To Ride (Anthology 2)
24: Yesterday (Anthology 2)
25: Help! (Anthology 2 + Mythology)
26: outro (Mythology)

The Ed Sullivan Show, CBS-TV Studio 50, NY, NY – 14 August, 1965
27: intro (Complete Ed Sullivan DVD)
28: I Feel Fine (Complete Ed Sullivan DVD)
29: I’m Down (Complete Ed Sullivan DVD)
30: Act Naturally (Complete Ed Sullivan DVD)
31: ed (Complete Ed Sullivan DVD)
32: Ticket To Ride (Complete Ed Sullivan DVD)
33: Yesterday (Complete Ed Sullivan DVD)
34: Help! (Complete Ed Sullivan DVD)
35: outro (Complete Ed Sullivan DVD)

Original source notes: “The seventh volume in our continuing overview of The Beatles’ live career, highlighting their brief 1965 European tour and then moving to America. As always, we think these are (objectively) the most complete and (subjectively) the best sounding versions of these shows to date. Performance-wise, they’re not so bad either. Of course, your mileage may vary, and some shows will always sound pretty dire.

As always, Purple Chick discs are fan created and NEVER FOR SALE!!! Don’t ever buy these discs. Ever”.

Purple Chick has a reputation for being the label of choice for hardcore Beatle fans and has released 9 double volumes of live Beatles concerts beginning with “Live 01 – Star Club”, Live 02 – Before America”, “Live 03 – Conquering America”, “Live 04 – Adelaide Reaction”, “Live 05 – Seattle Down”, “Live 06 – Convention Hall Wisdom”, “Live 07 – Les Beatles En Europe”, “Live 08 – Sheaken, Not Stirred” + “Live 09 – Bowled Over” [PC-57/158/159/160/161/162/163/164/165/166/167/168/169/170/171/172/173/174] of which “Adelaide Reaction”, “Convention Hall Wisdom”, “Les Beatles En Europe”, “Sheaken, Not Stirred” + “Bowled Over” see their release on original silver label issue with PC-169/70 being reviewed here.

The mere thought of a Purple Chick release on silver label issue must seem abhorrent and an aberration to this loyal fan base. I say once again, what we have here is potentially the best of both worlds although it is necessary and fair to emphatically state once again that Purple Chick had nothing to do with this development and, hence, did not sell out here.

There have been ample releases of live Beatles performances captured in varying sound quality on Yellow Dog, Silent Sea, DarthDisc, Dr. Ebbetts, Great Dane Records, Secret Trax and VigOtone labels to name just a few. I compared PC-169/70 with “City Of Light” on DarthDisc [DD 007/8] and “Paris Landing June 20, 1965” on Godfatherecords [G.R. 333] for the afternoon + evening Paris 6-20-65 shows and PC-169/70 with “The Beatles In Italy 1965” on Misterclaudel [mccd – 033] for the afternoon + evening Italy 6-27-65 shows.

PC-169 afternoon Paris 6-20-65 has more defined bass, less distortion and gain compared DD 008. PC-169 evening Paris 6-20-65 sounded constricted compared to DD 008 that breathed more and offered steady audience buzz in the background. It did feature what I considered to be non-bothersome hiss. PC-170 afternoon Italy 6-27-65 sounded like a distant audience feed with some defined bass compared to mccd – 033 “aired version” which sounded hissy and without audience buzzing while exhibiting more distortion. However, mccd – 033 “soundboard version” was, hands down, the best source of all of the above. PC- 170 evening Italy 6-27-65 is a soundboard source compared to mccd – 033 which is a distant distorted audience.

G.R. 333 offered the best fidelity for both afternoon and evening Paris 6-20-65 shows. The bass was well defined, there was more gain without any distortion, enhanced dynamic range and a sharper audience feed. I recommend this source for the Paris 6-20-65 shows without reservations. 

PC-169/70, once again, reflects, more often than not, a successful tweaking of some of these recordings and comes with thick + tasteful inserts and graphics which serve to enhance Purple Chick’s hand in providing some of their patented sonic reproductive magic. Seems like you almost need a scorecard to keep track of these ever-increasing sources.

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