The Beatles – Ze Anonym Plattenspieler: A Collection (Extract Factory EXT 009)

 Ze Anonym Plattenspieler: A Collection (Extract Factory EXT 009)

Nowhere man ( Budokan, Tokyo, 6-30-66 ), No Pakistanis [ Get Back ] ( 01-09-69 ), Whats’s The New Mary Jane ( Stereo single mix, Edit of RS 4 & 5, 11-26-69), All My Loving ( 8-23-64 Hollywood Bowl ), The Walk ( 1-69 Stereo from Acetate ), Teddy Boy ( 1-69 Stereo from Acetate ), Maxwell’s Silver Hammer ( Twickenham, Film Edit from 01-03 & 01-07-69 ), Besame Mucho ( Apple 01-29-69, Film Mix ), You Really Got A Hold On Me ( Stockholm 10-23-64 ), Do You Want To Know A Secret? ( 05-24-63, Pop Goes The Beatles ), ‘Around The Beatles’ medley ( IBC Studios 04-28-64 ), White Power – Promenade [ Get Off! ] ( Twickenham 01-09-69 ), Those Were The Days ( Amsterdam Hilton 03-29-69 ), Cottonfields ( 06-06-68 Abbey Rd, Kenny Everett Interview ), You Can’t Do That ( 08-23-64 Hollywood Bowl ), Chat + A Hard Days Night (07-14-64 Top Gear )

“Ze Anonym Plattenspieler : A Collection” is a remaster of the first release from the old American label of the same name from the days of Vinyl Beatlegs. This is just another release from a glut of remastered & speed corrected downloads that have been introduced to the internet & then repressed for the silver disk market.

The strange thing about these releases is that while the respective tinkering has been done to make these recordings sound better than you might remember then they are STILL mastered from clean versions of the vinyl as apposed to using various versions of the tracks that are usually found in better quality on other, newer releases. 

The label master Ken D. used common material for his releases so even though some of these may still be classic Beatles ( The Stockholm concert is still one of the best to own ) other snippets were just added doggerel used to lure in those who could ill afford to chase up all the other vinyl releases – that was if they could find them in the first place or were aware that they existed.

In short & once again these CD are interesting listening for the historical curiosity but will add nothing new to the seasoned collectors archives

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