Bob Dylan – Everybody Knows I’m Here (Thinman-007/008)


Everybody Knows I’m Here (Thinman-007/008)

Civic Centre, Augusta, ME – November 11th, 1999

Disc 1:  I Am The Man Thomas, Song To Woody, It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding), It’s All Over Now Baby Blue, Tangled Up In Blue, Hootchie Cootchie Man, Absolutely Sweet Marie, I Shall Be Released, Everything Is Broken

Disc 2:  Queen Jane Approximately, Highway 61 Revisited, What Good Am I?, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right, Not Fade Away, Blowin’ In The Wind, Silvio.  Bonus track, New Haven, CT – November 10th, 1999:  Folsom Prison Blues

Everybody Knows I’m Here documents Bob Dylan’s complete performance in Augusta, Maine on the 1999 tour with a bonus track, “Folsom Prison Blues”, from the previous evening in New Haven, Connecticut.  The tape is very good, capturing every detail from the stage, with emphasis upon the high end.  There is the occasional distortion on high notes, most noticeably on the tambourines, but nothing too bad.  Dylan in this concert is engaging, charismatic and very energetic.  Thinman includes a lengthy review of the show from the Expecting Rain website by an attendee named John.  His observations include:  “My memory of Bob’s set kicks in during the first line of ‘Song to Woody’. Damn, never thought I’d hear that one.  I had seen the set lists leading up to that show and I knew things had been getting interesting lately and I took this as a clear sign that things might stay loose and unpredictable for a while longer… ‘It’s Alright, Ma’ next, followed by ‘Baby Blue’, excellent…beats the hell out of ‘Masters of War’ for the millionth time.  I guess the fact that that thought ran through my mind then shows that I was still a little skeptical that the song selections wouldn’t just snap back to more usual fare… ‘Hootchie Cootchie Man’ — talk about the unexpected.  It washed over me in surprise more than anything, so I can’t really say anything intelligent about it… ‘Sweet Marie’ was *way* different from back when it used to open the shows…The last surprise of the night was ‘Silvio’, and from what I could see, the rest of the band was surprised by it too.  I was sure the show was over after ‘Blowin”.  We could see Bob behind the drums nodding his head, stopping the band from going down the stairs off of the stage so they could do one more.  I liked ‘Silvio’ a lot when JJ used to be around to play on it, but I’m all set with it now.”  This comes packaged in a double slim jewel case with only one side printed on the inserts.  Not as nice as the other Thinman titles.  But it scores high on the musical content which is more important.  For that, this is another great title. 

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