Dylan’s NET comes to Europe, 2015

The Dylan label, Tweedle Disk, have launched their latest selection for us – three sets all recorded on the latest European leg of Dylan’s never ending tour.


“Launching The European Leg Of The 2015 Tour” features the first night of the tour from Zollhafen Nordmole Mainz, Germany, June 20th, 2015. The second half of the set leaning heavily on the ‘Shadows In The Night’ album


Secondly, “Full Moon And Stars” contains the show from the Moon & Stars Festival, Locarno, Switzerland on July 15th, 2015.


Last but not least, “Last Summer In Lorrach” was recorded at the Stimmen Festival Market Square, Lorrach, Germany on the 16th July, 2015.Lighter on the Sinatra covers, this is almost a specifically ‘Tempest’ set.

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