Iron Maiden – Summerfestival (Godfather Records G.R. 208)

Summerfestival (Godfather Records G.R. 208)

Summerfest Festival, Rock Stage, Milwaukee, Wisconsin – June 26th, 1981

(76:41) The Ides Of March, Sanctuary, Purgatory, Wrathchild, Remember Tomorrow, Another Life, Genghis Khan, Killer’s, Innocent Exile, Twilight Zone, Murder’s In The Rue Morgue, Phantom Of The Opera, Iron Maiden, Running Free, Transylvania, Drifter

In February of 1981 Iron Maiden launched the “Killer’s World Tour” in support of the “Killers” album. During this period Adrian Smith was added to the band on lead and rhythm guitar replacing Dennis Stratton. This release is sourced from the 97 WLPX radio broadcast of their first United States tour. Some sites have this show listed as being played on June 22 instead of the 26th however regardless of the correct date, Godfather have released a excellent title with Paul Di’Anno upfront in the mix. Sadly because of substance abuse he would be fired during this tour and replaced by Bruce Dickinson who performed his first Maiden show on October 26th 1981 at the Palasport in Bolonga, Italy.  What we have here is one of his last concerts and from the sounds of the band and audience a very impressive one.  Highlights are “Remember Tomorrow”, “Killer’s”, “Iron Maiden”,  and “Drifter”.

This title comes packaged in a tri fold with several live shots and is a great addition to both Iron Maiden and Godfather collections.

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