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King Crimson – Atlanta Real Stereo (Siréne – 005)


Atlanta Real Stereo (Siréne – 005)

Doctor Diamond, Larks’ Tongues In Aspic part 1, mc, Easy Money, improv #1, Exiles, Book Of Saturday, improv #2, Talking Drum, Larks’ Tongues In Aspic part 2

This is the most often released King Crimson tape.  Recorded at the height of their most enduring line-up, this is an amazing sounding soundboard recording.  Siréne have mastered it to give it the best possible sound available.  The tape begins with a great version of “Doctor Diamond”.  Wetton sounds real passionate in singing “I am a driver of an underground train.”  The set is usual Crimson:  long, adventurous improves hovering in between songs from the Lark’s Tongues LP.  This is an excellent way to begin investigating this band, and Siréne has given this much-traveled tape a definitive release (unless the band release it themselves at some point). 

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