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Eelgrass release ‘Deux Ex Machina’

With thanks to Scottie Savalick on our Facebook group, he has pointed out that the Eelgrass label have copied the EV release, ‘Deus Ex Machine’ as expected.

This release is the ‘budget’ version of the deluxe Japanese release and so will make for the more democratic version of this set. I see no reason why Eelgrass wouldn’t attempt to remaster this release to suit their own ears and still retain the provenance for those that sank their money into the original set, however, it bears remembering, without EV going pocket deep, we wouldn’t have this show in this quality at all.

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  1. Careful Axeman Eugene

    I recently got this Eelgrass version, and I’m quite pleased with it…highly RECOMMENDED!

  2. EVSD has budget versions of Flying Circus, The Destroyers and Deep Throat from $10 to $5.40 per disc. Box sets with obis but different artwork. Hopefully, the Seattles will get the same treatment though not likely for a long while. Same with the Nassaus, Baton Rouge and the other soundboards. Don’t mind Eelgrass to tide me over until then…

  3. I think many have wondered the same thing. Only thing that makes me think otherwise is EV’s penchant for re releasing almost all of their titles using different packaging or as budget titles. I have several Eelgrass titles and for those who do not wish to spend huge sums of money, they are an excellent alternative

  4. I often wonder if EVSD and eelgrass are in cahoots. You don’t see no lable and the likes rushing to copy and release.

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