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Led Zeppelin Flying Rock Carnival

Back in 2004 Watch Tower released a one disc title called Led Zeppelin’s Rock Carnival (WT 2004111).  Clocking in at just over an hour covering the first third of the September 23rd, 1971 Tokyo show, this tape is in excellent quality and is perhaps the best sounding to emerge from Zeppelin’s first show at the Budokan.  Rock Carnival was also frustrating in its incompleteness and with the fact that the rest of the tape supposedly burned in a fire many years ago.

It seems that is only a rumor, and a false one at that.  Last week surfaced a three disc set titled Led Zeppelin’s Flying Rock Carnival 1971 Complete.  This is supposed to be the complete Rock Carnival source in excellent quality.  This specific release is aimed for only the Osaka market and is already sold out.  Needless to say, this will be released again very very soon (so don’t panic!)   

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  1. Yes, there are two reviews of this particular title. Do a search…

  2. Anybody review this baby yet???
    Has it been released on another label yet??
    This could be the greatest source of a monumental show- or not !!!!

  3. Fisheads in Japan is selling this for $250. For God’s sake people, save your money. It will come out again soon in an affordable edition.

  4. If any of the members were able to obtain a copy of this please post your thoughts and whether or not this is the “Rock Carnival” source.

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