The Kinks – Live Over Japan (Mainstream MAST-111/112)

Live Over Japan (Mainstream MAST-111/112)

Osaka International Center, Osaka, Japan – May 15th, 1995

Disc 1 (57:37):  Stop Your Sobbing, Dedicated Follower of Fashion, I Go To Sleep, Do It Again, Hard Way, Till The End Of The Day, Low Budget, Apeman, Village Green Preservation Society, Too Much On My Mind, Sleepwalker, Days, 20th Century Man, Dead End Street, I’m Not Like Everybody Else, Come Dancin’

Disc 2 (65:23):  It’s Alright, Living On A Thin Line, Set Me Free, Lola, David Watts, All Day And All Of The Night, Death of A Clown, Victoria, You Really Got Me.  Bonus tracks, Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan – May 11th, 1995:  Till The End Of The Day, I Gotta Move, State Of Confusion, Sleepwalker, Muswell Hillbilly, 20th Century Man, Dead End Street, band introduction, Come Dancin’, Set Me Free

Live Over Japan on Mainstream documents The Kinks’ last tour in Japan and one of their final shows before finally calling it quits in July 1996.  The May 15th show, the second of two nights in Osaka, forms the basis of this release.  Mainstream supplement this with a generous selection of tracks from the May 11th, Tokyo concert. 

Both tape sources are excellent DAT recordings positioned close to the stage.  They capture Ray Davies’ important nuances in delivery very well.  There are no cuts in the tape, and the only slight issue is distortion when the band play electric at the beginning of “Do It Again,” catching the taper off guard.  He quickly fixes the levels, however, and is perfect for the rest of the show. 

Live Over Japan serves as a great document of latter-day live Kinks.  They were not touring to support the universally panned Phobia album (only Dave Davies’ “It’s Alright” made it into the setlist), nor were they doing a nostaligic greatest hit package.  The set changed nightly, presenting what the band consider to be their most representitve and interesting work, delivered with Ray Davies’ flair for showmanship.  

He starts the show alone onstage with his acoustic guitar.  He starts off with the early song “Stop Your Sobbing.”  The audience sing along, and also join in on “Dedicated Follower Of Fashion” complete with a humorous reference to “Osaka town.”  After “I Go To Sleep” Ray shouts “Let’s hear it for the KINKS.”  With “You Really Got Me” riffs played on guitar and majestic synthesizers the band light up the stage with “Do It Again.”

The bulk of the set relies upon songs from their sixties catalogue and seventies rock operas, start with “Hard Way” from Schoolboys In Disgrace.

“Village Green Preservation Society” is played by request according to Ray.  “I’m Not Like Everybody Else” is a definite highlight, as is “Come Dancing.”  

The only newer song played is “It’s Alright,” which Ray announces is “live from Mars.”  They follow with another Dave song, the mesmerizing “Living On A Thin Line.”  

Ray’s constant strumming of the “Lola” riff builds anticipation, as does the shouts of “day-o” from the “Banana Boat Song.”  The show ends with a performance of their most famous song, “All Of The Day And All The Night” and “David Watts.”  

Three songs form the encore set, “Death Of A Clown,” “Victoria” and “You Really Got Me.”

The Tokyo show contributes three songs that weren’t played in Osaka, “I Gotta Move,” “State Of Confusion,” and “Muswell Hillbilly.”  Mainstream package Live Over Japan in a slimline double jewel case with inserts with photographs from the era.  There are not many Kinks titles from their later years, so this serves as a good document from one of their last shows. 

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  1. I actually just located a copy of this title, and it is on the way. Looking forward to it, as it looks like a really nice set list, nice mix of oldies and later period stuff. It may not be cool to admit, but I love State of Confussion

  2. Thanks – cool to finally see a non-Ke$ha Kinks review on this site, apparently a first for the legendary band.

  3. I love the Kinks but sadly do not have any live boots by them…Any recommendations JBB for good sound quality Audience or SB Kinks silver boots? Your advice is much appreciated

  4. I’m a Kinks collector and also was collecting the Mainstream label which is why I purchased this title. I attended my final Kinks gig in 1993 where they played to 500 people at a venue that holds ten times that number. I wasn’t expecting much from ” Live Over Japan “, just a band playing out the string, going out with a whimper. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This title showcases an outfit playing like their lives depended on it, armed with an eclectic setlist, energized and going out on top! Recommended for fans and those wondering what The Kinks were all about in the 1980’s and beyond.


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