New Wings on TMOQ / HMC

The HMC label have just announced their latest release on the TMOQ gazette label.

A low gen. tape of the Wings ‘75 tour rehearsals at Elstree studios. According to the flyer, “On this double album we have used tapes at least one generation closer to the original than the ‘Trevor Jones Tapes’ that are in circulation until now (sic). We’ve cleaned up the recordings from hiss and other audio dirt. XTRAX STEMS was used to create a stereo effect. The result is very nice and much better than all CD releases of the same sessions”.

The label also point out that the tracks ‘Old Man River – Charly Brown’ and ‘Stealin’’ were played for fun – Expect to have your teeth rattled by those little ditties then!

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  1. I’ve been truly enjoying this release. Sound quality is great and you can’t beat live Macca with his incredible voice! Highly recommended. This is one of those titles that I’ll be playing often.


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