Queen – Big Disgrace (Gypsy Eye GE-254/255)


Big Disgrace (Gypsy Eye GE-254/255)

Ice Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden – April 12th, 1978

Disc 1:  We Will Rock You (slow)/We Will Rock You (fast), Brighton Rock, Somebody To Love, Death On Two Legs/Killer Queen/Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy/I’m In Love With My Car/Get Down Make Love/The Millionaire Waltz/You’re My Best Friend, Spread Your Wings, It’s Late, Now I’m Here, Love Of My Life

Disc 2:  ’39, My Melancholy Blues, White Man/The Prophet’s Song, Stone Cold Crazy, Bohemian Rhapsody, Keep Yourself Alive, Tie Your Mother Down, We Will Rock You (slow), We Are The Champions, Sheer Heart Attack, Jailhouse Rock

After indulging in the officially released Queen the past couple of weeks (Live Aid and Queen On Fire at the Bowl), it’s great to hear an under-represented era of Queen from the News Of The World tour.  Gypsy Eye picked a great show to release after their two year break from releasing any Queen material (First Procession in the autumn of 2002). 

Big Disgrace documents Queen’s first concert of the European tour after a four month break of touring (the last US show being in Los Angeles just before Christmas).  For this tour the band replaced “Liar” with the Brian May epic “It’s Late” from the new album.  What really characterizes this tour is the oddball arrangments of classic songs. 

The three minute “Brighton Rock” as the second number, “Now I’m Here” with no vocal gymnastics in the middle, and the newly introduced acoustic version of “Love Of My Life” (which would become a staple of every Queen show until their last in 1986).

Highlights included the rarely performed “My Melancholy Blues” and the “White Man/Prophet’s Song” instrumental inferno.  The actual tape used is a very good to excellent stereo audience recording.  It picks up in the middle of “We Will Rock You” and is complete throughout. 

“We have a lot of music for you” Freddie promises at the beginning and the band deliver a long show.  Both the audience and the band are very enthusiastic which makes this a wonderful title to listen to. Hear the audience stamp their feet and clap their hands and sing “we will rock you” to bring the band out for the final encore!  

Big Disgrace, along with all of the Queen material that has been released in the past two weeks, is highly recommended.

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