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Dog N Cat continue their production of remastered Rolling Stones outtakes.  Better Results (DAC-105) features material from the Emotional Rescue sessions.

Some More Girls (SODD-114) is a collection of previously released Some Girls era outtakes and promo edits. 

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  1. Oh, man I was so waiting for this. DAC you’re my hero! This entire Some Girls/Emotional Barbeque set of commonly booted/traded outtakes/alternate takes/unreleased songs is the beginning of a low ebb in their creativity. Suddenly they realized the two-chord Mick J.-penned wannabe punk songs weren’t cutting it and they came up with Tattoo You compiled and culled from 8 years worth of studio leftovers. Two years worth of major tours in 1981-82 gave them the inspiration to actually go in and make the last Rolling Stones album in the form of Undercover. Mick and Keith worked together on Undercover like they never would again on any album since. These unending Some Emotionally Rescued Girls outtakes bore the daylights out of me, for the most part. There are exceptions. Better Results are like lipstick on a pig. Replastered is more like it.


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