Rolling Stones – Get Yer Ya Ya’s In (SODD-109)

Get Yer Ya Ya’s In (SODD-109)

(70:34):  Jumpin Jack Flash, Carol, Stray Cat Blues, Love In Vain, Midnight Rambler, Sympathy For The Devil, Live With Me, Little Queenie, Honky Tonk Women, Street Fighting Man.  Bonus tracks:  You Got The Silver (Mick on vocals 1968), No Expectations (another track 1968), Love In Vain (New York 1969), Country Honk (another track), Stray Cat Blues (another track), I Don’t Know Why (I Love You Baby), Honky Tonk Woman (another track)

Get Yer Ya Ya’s In (SODD-109) is the latest release of the Apple acetate of the early test pressing for Get Yer Ya Ya’s OutThere is a different mix in the songs compared to the final product as well as differences in placement of various comments.  “Love In Vain” and “Street Fighting Man” appear on the compilation A Shot of Salvation (Old Masters Vol. 2) (Scorpio OM-90-64-17) and the entire acetate is on Fuck Yer Ya Ya’s Out (VGP 160).

Get Yer Alternate Ya-Ya’s Out: The Legendary Glyn Johns Demo Mix(IMP-N-020) was released whcih claims to be the Glyn Johns raw mix and was copied on disc three of DAC utilize Get Yer Alternate Ya-Ya’s Out: The Legendary Glyn Johns Demo Mix (IMP-N-020) which claims to be the Glyn Johns raw mix and was released later on disc three of Broadway (Dog N Cat DAC-092).

Get Yer Ya Ya’s In on SODD is another copy of the IMP and DAC release.  It’s the Glyn Johns raw mix of the LP in identical sound quality except there are clicks between the tracks.  SODD does include twenty-five minutes of outtake material from Beggar’s Banquet as filler. 

The disc begins with crowd noise that would later be edited in on side two before “Sympathy For The Devil,” the woman in the crowd talking about “Paint It Black.”  The Same Cutler opening collage is the same as it is on the commercial version.  “Carol” is from the November 28th early show.  The acetate moved Jagger’s comments about his trousers so that there is nothing between the opening two songs.

Jagger’s “thank you” between “Carol” and “Stray Cat Blues” is missing.  “Love In Vain” dates from the November 26th show in Baltimore.  The guitar channels are reversed like the outtake found on A Shot of Salvation.  The source for “Midnight Rambler” is the November 28th late show and the main differences are the added introductory words from the 28th and an edit to line four of the spoken words.

The other acetate source has “Live With Me” staring side two but this one begins with “Sympathy For The Devil” as does the final product.  Jagger’s trousers comment is used here before the song starts.  The acetate and the final version use the early show on the 28th.  The acetate is missing verses two and three but does have verse four, which is edited off of the final product. 

“Live With Me” is from the late show on the 28th with the vocal overdubbed at a later date.  “Honky Tonk Women”  is from the 27th with overdubbed vocals and the “Paris verse” replaces the “New York” verse.  The spoken words “You having a good time?” before “Street Fighting Man” are replaced by Jagger’s announcement that they’ll play one more song.  The source of this is the early show on the 28th but the guitars are a bit higher in the mix.

The bonus tracks are in excellent quality as well, but nothing which has not been circulated before.  Overall this is a good tape to have but the best version would be Broadway on Dog N Cat.  The clicks between the tracks are very distracting and are simply inexcusable.  SODD have been producing very good titles of late, but Get Yer Ya Ya’s In isn’t one of them.   

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  1. Just pass me another beer, I don’t even want to know about anything SODD comes up with. There are still unpressed internet traded RS shows …please No Name label come back and help the fans who want pressed discs without the Dog N’ Cat “touch”…and price!


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