The Rolling Stones – “Paris Results” 2007 Remastered (SODD Singer’s Original 2007 Limited Edition 500 Copies SODD 032/33)

“Paris Results” 2007 Remastered (SODD Singer’s Original 2007 Limited Edition 500 Copies SODD 032/33)

Disc 1: What Gives You The Right (take I), Linda Lou, Dancing Girls, Lonely At The Top, So Young (take I), Some People Tell Me, You Win Again, Do You Get Enough (Sexy Eye), Do You Think I Really Care, Everlasting Is My Love (take I), I Need You, No Spare Parts, Muck Spreading Dub, Petrol

Disc 2: Love You Too Much (take IV), It’s A Lie (take II), Never Make You Cry (take II), What’s The Matter, Gangster’s Moll (take I), When You’re Gone, Munich Hilton (take I), After Hours, Shame Shame Shame, Slow Blues, Armpit Blues, Everlasting Is My Love (take II), Everything Is Turning To Gold (take I), Disco Muzik, Still In Love (take I)

The above tracks taken from the infamous Paris 1977 – 1978 sessions represent a segment of the wealth of material that has surfaced on a multitude of releases over the years. There are too many to mention here but some of the more ambitious collections of these primarily unreleased gems can be found on the Vinyl Gang Product “Place Pigalle” 4 CD box (VGP-362) and Pignose Records “Girls, Pills & Powders” 5 CD box (PGN 023).

These sessions are generally recorded in excellent quality and reflect the wide spectrum of song writing talent that engulfed the Stones during this period. This material easily bears repeated listening and certainly eclipses anything the Stones have released domestically since “Steel Wheels” and even before. Disc 1 from the SODD version sounds a bit brighter with hiss present and not as dynamic as VGP-362. There is no audible hiss on the VGP release and it sports significant more punch on the low end. PGN 023 has been remastered in a gold version and boasts excellent sound throughout.

The Stones stretch out in these sessions which gives the listener a glimpse into the looser jamming side of the band. These takes are stripped down and we get a rare opportunity to sustain extended listening to the heart and core of the Stones themselves. There are many recommended tracks here and in totality take us back in time to a most productive period. The Stones sound energized and motivated with all band members carrying their weight and then some.

The SODD release adds to the ever growing catalogue of the Paris sessions and is most enjoyable. A bonus CDR (200 copies) was also released in a fatboy jewel case also covering additional material from 1979 – 1980. One cannot go wrong with any of the above Paris sessions which come highly recommended!

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