New Springsteen on a new label

Recently discovered and torrented (December 2018), this new tape from ‘Mr. Anonymous’ has found a home on a new label, ‘Jungle Land Record’.

Featuring a new recording, this show from the US Military Academy, Eisenhower Hall, West Point, NY on May 27th, 1976 is a hybrid of two different tapes, the original torrented wrote on Jungleland: “Here is the latest in the “Original Master Series” made possible by Mr Anonymous. 2 master tape sources were used for this project, so Mr Anonymous had some help that night. Born To Run is not complete with an obvious edit toward the last minute or so using the second tape source as filler. Jungleland has a very slight cut in. Detroit Medley uses the second source to fill in the end. ”

Unfortunately, the covers are plug-ugly but as we’re treated less and less to new Springsteen recordings, it’ll be what’s inside that counts.

Thank you to Cliff for his research.

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  1. What happened to the reviews by Cliff?


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