Gary Moore – Kimi-Ga-Yo Anthem (Tarantura TCDGM-1-1,2)

Kimi-Ga-Yo Anthem (Tarantura TCDGM-1-1,2) 

Nagoyasi-Kokaido, Aichi, Japan – February 28, 1984 

Disc 1: (45:04) Opening, Rockin’ Every Night, Wishing Well, Shapes Of Things, Murder In The Skies, Guitar Solo, Cold Hearted, Don’t Take Me For A Loser, Victims Of The Future 

Disc 2: (46:32) Empty Rooms, Band Intro, Blinder, Drum Solo, Blinder (reprise), Guitar Solo/Kimi-Ga-Yo Anthem, End Of The World, Back On The Street, Nuclear Attack – encore I, Rockin’ And Rollin’ – encore II 

Gary Moore is considered one of rock’s most underrated guitarists and would catch the attention of guitar players everywhere during the early 1980s. In 1979, Gary Moore began a new solo career after spending the last decade with the likes of Skid Row (not the metal band from New Jersey), Colosseum II, and a few stints with Thin Lizzy, replacing both Eric Bell and Brian Robertson at different intervals.    

Moore released Corridors Of Power and Victims Of The Future in 1982 and 1983 respectively and the bulk of this setlist is made up of tracks from the two LPs. A live album was recorded during this tour on February 11th and June 23rd, 1984 and was released as We Want Moore! with a very similar track list. Even though tracks like “Murder In The Skies” and “Don’t Take Me For A Loser” have more of an 80s commercial sound, blues always shined through in Gary’s guitar playing and hints of Jeff Beck and Ritchie Blackmore come through in places as well. Gary Moore’s touring band consisted of Craig Gruber on bass, Ian Paice on drums and Neil Carter on rhythm guitar, keyboards and vocals.  Kimi-Ga-Yo Anthem comes from a very good Mr. Peach recording. The tape is slightly muffled and lacks a bit of detail in the top end but is still very enjoyable. The recording is musically complete with only a few non-destructive cuts between tracks. 

“Rockin’ Every Night” from Corridors Of Power serves as a good high energy opening number before a cover of Free’s “Wishing Well”. The Yardbirds’ “Shapes Of Things” gets a metal makeover but very tastefully done with some stellar playing including a very dynamic breakdown. After a blistering guitar solo, they slow things down some with “Cold Hearted”, a tune very much in the style of mid 70s Deep Purple.  

“Empty Rooms” is a heartfelt ballad from Victims Of The Future and would be released as a single the following August. Following the band introductions is the instrumental track “Blinder” featuring Ian Paice’s drum solo in the middle. The song can now be found as a bonus track on the remastered Victims Of The Future CD. The second guitar solo of the night is basically the intro to “End Of The World” which opens side two of the Corridors Of Power LP and apparently contains a reference to “Kimi-Ga-Yo Anthem” (although I am unfamiliar with the melody). Moore closes the show with a few older tracks starting with “Back On The Street” while “Nuclear Attack” from Dirty Fingers and “Rockin’ And Rollin'” from his G-Force project in 1979 offer the final encores. 

Gary Moore has numerous albums under his belt through four decades and continues to this day issuing quality material. Kimi-Ga-Yo Anthem from Tarantura is a good solid release that is packaged in an attractive gatefold paper sleeve common to most Tarantura titles. Considering the rarity of having a Gary Moore boot available on silver, this is a much welcomed addition for collectors.

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