Iron Maiden – Maiden Japan Vol. 2 (Tarantura TCDIM-2-1, 2)

Maiden Japan Vol. 2 (TCDIM-2-1.2)  

Aichi Koseinenkin-Kalkan, Nagoya Japan May 23, 1981  

Disc 1: SE/ Opening, The Ides Of March, Wrathchild, Purgatory, Sanctuary, Remember Tomorrow, Another Life, Clive Burr Drum Solo, Another Life (reprise), Band Introductions, Genghis Kahn, Killers, Innocent Exile, Twilight Zone, Strange World, Murders In The Rue Morgue, Phantom Of The Opera  

Disc 2: Iron Maiden, Encore Cheer, Running Free, Encore Cheer, Transylvania, Drifter, Encore Cheer, Prowler, Running Free, Encore Cheer, Last Message, SE – Announcement  

Continuing where Tarantura 2000 started with their prior release, Maiden Japan Vol. 1 we have this fantastic new release. Maiden Japan Vol. 2 which gives us the previously unreleased complete show from Nagoya  on their short four day (five shows) of Japan to support the Killers record. Parts of this show has been released officially as Maiden Japan EP (an obvious pun on the influential Deep Purple Made In Japan recorded 9 years earlier) and there has been a fake bootleg release of this show, Another Live Metal Memory MM 90008 but this is just a rehash version of the Tokyo SB from May 24.   The sound quality is similar to the Vol. 1 recording, slightly distant and muddy but the bass is not as prominent, virtually no tape hiss present and it totally captures the atmosphere of the show.

Did I mention it captures the atmosphere ? What a show, the audience is wild and behind the band for the entire show cheering and clapping loudly between every song and they respond with an incredible tight, aggressive performance.   The bulk of the set is the same as other dates on this tour but we are treated to the rarely played in 1981 version of Strange World, the only really mellow song in the set, with its haunting guitar work by Dave Murray and its urethral lyrics it quietly leads into Murders In The Rue Morgue in a fashion that reminds me of the Granchester Meadows>Astronomy Domine versions from Pink Floyd in mid 1970.  

Paul’s vocals are slightly muffled during the encores and Running Free is played twice in an attempt to satisfy the demanding audience, the first version is used for the Maiden Japan EP. The packaging is up to Tarantura’s standards with the front covers showing the band in karate style outfits in fake combat with band mascot Eddie, the interior is a live picture of the band and the cds themselves have pictures from the covers. When I was in high school some friends had a exchange student from Japan and I remember looking at a Music Life magazine she had with photos from this same shoot and advertisements for the first two Maiden records and the Live Plus 1 Japanese only EP. This release is highly recommended for all fans of not only Iron Maiden but Metal as a whole, stellar performance, very acceptable sound that can be turned up loud, and classy packaging make this a must have and lets hope that more recordings will be released.

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