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Tarantura released The Shining – Word Is Love II.  A sequel to 2006’s massive The Word Is Love boxset, this contains six discs with three Millard 1977 audience recordings:  September 23rd and September 24 in Los Angeles and September 26th in Long Beach.  It comes packaged in a shuffle pack similar to Eric Clapton Guild. 

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  1. Tarantura has been on a roll as of late and, based on the reviews, their releases usually sound very good so I would expect these to be nice versions of these excellent tapes. For those who like nice packages they don’t dissapoint and with the first time release of the 9/24 show on silver disc this sounds like an excellent way to get these shows on silver disc….

  2. These great sounding Mike Millard tapes were already released: MIKE´S MINT 2 CD set (Virtuoso 006/007) and MOMENT´S DELIGHT 2 CDR set ( SDR CD 395/396) cover the L.A. gig Sept. 23rd 1977.
    SHINES EVERYDAY 2 CDR set (Windmill 040) covers the L.A. gig Sept. 24th. 1977.
    GETTIN PLENTY OF SUNSHINE 2 CDR set (Blue Cafe 065 A/B) and WONDEROUS MASTER 2 CD set (Sirene 197) cover the Long Beach gig Sept. 26th. 1977.
    I am very curious if Tarantura achieves sustained success on sound ?


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