Mick Taylor – Tokyo 2009

Mick Taylor/Tokyo 2009

Billboard, Tokyo, Japan 20th & 21st  April 2009

DISC 1 [69:01] April 20th Stage (1st Stage) 1. Introduction 2. Secret Affair 3. Twisted Sister 4. Losing My Faith 5. Fed Up With The Blues 6. Member Introduction 7. Burying Ground 8. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking 9. No Expectations

DISC 2 [49:48] April 20th (2nd Stage) 1. Introduction 2. Secret Affair 3. Twisted Sister 4. Late At Night 5. Member Introduction 6. Burying Ground

DISC 3 [41:29]  April 20th (2nd Stage) cont. 1. Goin’ South 2. You Shook Me 3. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

DISC 4 [69:08] April 21st (1st Stage) 1. Introduction 2. Secret Affair 3. Twisted Sister 4. Losing My Faith 5. You Shook Me 6. Burying Ground 7. Blind Willie McTell 8. Member Introduction 9. No Expectations

DISC 5 [78:27] April 21st (2nd Stage) 1. Introduction 2. Secret Affair 3. Twisted Sister 4. Losing My Faith 5. Fed Up With the Blues 6. You Gotta Move 7. Burying Ground 8. Member Introduction 9. Blind Willie McTell 

Several days ago, a caption read on one of the most cutting edge of music news websites: “Aerosmith Loses Another Member to Injury, Mick Taylor Cancels Tour, more”: Former Rolling Stone Mick Taylor has cancelled his North American tour, saying “It is with deep regret that I must announce that the U.S. and Canadian dates scheduled for July and August will have to be cancelled, due to health concerns. During my stay in hospital, my physicians have determined it would not be safe for me to travel at this time. I do hope to return to the U.S. and Canada in the future, to sing and play for you.” (We hope so Mick)

April 20th (1st Stage)

This tremendously pleasing and sounding audience feed kicks into high gear with Taylor launching into an extended “Secret Affair” [10:23] which originally clocked in at 5:18 off of his 2000 “A Stone’s Throw” album. “Secret Affair” quickly established Taylor’s signature guitar complemented by tremendous support from Jeff Allen on drums. “Twisted Sister” [10:20] was the 2nd track played and, coincidentally, track 2 from “A Stones Throw” which originally clocked in at 6:21. The guitar sounds almost exactly like the riffs played on “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”. Taylor’s guitar cooks with a ferocious intensity and never lets up. The band is jamming and you just want to crank this one as Taylor aptly stated at its close: “It’s a good riff”. “Losing My Faith” is track 4 from “A Stone’s Throw’ with Mick’s guitar is screaming and sounding so fluid. “Burying Ground” [11:44] features piercing and somewhat restrained guitar through its long jam. “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking’ [10:00] is always a most welcome vehicle for Taylor. “No Expectations” [8:25] is played in more upbeat fashion.

April 20th (2nd Stage)

“Secret Affair” [10:28] reassures that Taylor’s vocals are surprisingly pleasing. “Twisted Sister” [10:26] + “Late At Night” [13:12] also from “A Stone’s Throw'” are both great jams. “Burying Ground” [12:44] is another tremendous rendition. Taylor states: “Okay, we’re gonna play an instrumental now (ironically) because my voice is shot” leading into “Goin’ South” [18:45]. Taylor plays with the smoothness of Carlos Santana here. His chord progressions are soothing and effortless with the rhythm section complementing him with jazz inspired grooves. A nice drum solo coupled with salsa flavored piano arrangement improvisation by Max Middleton really elevate this extended track. “You Shook Me” [14:36] is an intensely mellow blues influenced offering with a truncated “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking’ [7:08} finally closing the set.

April 21st (1st Stage)

“Secret Affair” [9:40] + “Twisted Sister” [10:13] are played again with the latter still a resounding cranker. “You Shook Me” [10:33] is pared down. Denny Newman on guitar & vocals owns “Burying Ground” [9:10]. ‘Blind Willie McTell” [10:06] by Dylan is the 5th track from “A Stone’s Throw” including an “All Along the Watchtower” refrain. Taylor shines with “Blind Willie McTell” and “No Expectations” [7:08] which reaffirm my thoughts about his naturally ability and gift to admirably interpret and elevate his game with other people’s music.

April 21st (2nd Stage)

“Secret Affair” [10:33} + “Twisted Sister” [9:40] are launched for the 4th time with the latter now including a brief “Jumping Jack Flash” refrain and featuring more improvisation. “Losing My Faith” includes a nod to “Who Knows” by Hendrix. “You Gotta Move” [14:00] is an extended rendering of the ‘Sticky Fingers’ nugget. The 4th rendition of “Burying Ground” [12:02] continues to grow on me with its subtle quasi reggae sounding delivery which was extended particularly here with this stellar improvisational jam. “Blind Willie McTell” [12:41] closed off the final set fittingly with Taylor stating: “Thanks alot + that’s it for this year”.

This no label 5 CD tremendous sounding (performance + fidelity) audience release of Taylor’s 2009 Tokyo concerts cooks and includes colorful + attractive inserts/graphics housed in a fatboy jewel case. God’s speed, Mick…

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  1. I have tickets for his 7/23 show at BB King’s in NYC. I was very much looking forward to the gig , but I was not really surprised when I heard the rest of the tour was cancelled due to health issues. Bless you Mick . Take care and get well soon.


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