The Kinks – Here Comes The Groove (The Hatred Brothers HB-005)

Here Comes The Groove (The Hatred Brothers HB-005)

Hippodrome, Golders Green, London, England – July 14th, 1974

(51:39):  Victoria, Here Comes Yet Another Day, Money Talks, Dedicated Follower Of Fashion, Mirror Of Love, Celluloid Heroes, Here Comes Flash, Demolition, He’s Evil, Lola, Medley: Skin and Bone – Dry Bones

The Kinks were occupied with two major media productions in July 1974.  The first was on Sunday July 14th when they recorded a BBC radio “In Concert” session at the Hippodrome in London.  Several days later on July 25th they filmed “Starmaker,” the primitive version of Soap Opera, for telecast in September. 

The “In Concert” appearance was broadcast on the radio on July 27th.  The setlist was the set listed above but with two songs, a medley of “You Really Got Me / All Day And All Of The Night” and “Daylight” following “Celluloid Heroes.” 

The first BBC Transcription discs were circulated for syndicated radio with “You Really Got Me / All Day And All Of The Night” omitted.  A second edit, sent to United States radio stations, omit the medley and also omit “Daylight.” 

The excellent sound quality and readily available discs ensured many versions.  All unofficial releases come from these two sources.  On vinyl Long Tall Sally has three songs, “Here Comes Another Day,’ “Medley: Skin And Bone – Dry Bones” and “Celluloid Heroes,” along with other radio broadcasts.  Survivors contains the American edit and an additional omission of the final song “Skin And bones.” 

The most complete vinyl titles are The Kinks Presenting John Gosling complete and You Really Got Me which both have the BBC Transcription disc broadcast.

On compact disc six songs are included on the official release BBC Sessions 1964-1977 from 2001, “Victoria,” “Here Come Yet Another Day,” “Money Talks,” “Mirror Of Love,” “Celluloid Heroes” and “Skin And Bones.”

On unofficial CDs, Kontraband (Reprieve KK-6479-B/C) has “Dedicated Follower Of Fashion” from this show, The Queen Of The Bitches (Lobster LOB 25) has three songs from this tape, “Victoria,” “Dedicated Follower Of Fashion” and “Celluloid Heroes,” and Slum Kids (Oh Boy 1-9057) is a compilation with five tracks from this show, “Dedicated Follower Of Fashion,” “Celluloid Heroes,” “Daylight,” “Here Comes Flash” and “Demolition.”

Kaught Live In Koncert, London 1974 (Chapter One CO 25121) has the BBC Transcription disc but omits the final song and Alcohol (Genschman GENSCH 1006CD) contains and edited version of the 1977 KBFH broadcast along with the BBC Transcription tape, but replaces the closing song with “Alcohol” from the Rainbow 1977 show.  

Celluloid Heroes (Great Live Records GLR 9245/46) is essentially a CD copy of the 2LP You Really Got Me, The Kinks In Concert / Live In London 1974 (Super Golden Radio Shows SGRS 002) has the entire broadcast and Lola and other sophisticated songs (Triangle PYCD 049) has the complete BBC tape along with various tracks from 1965 and 1975 and are the most complete version of this show on disc.

Here Comes The Groove (The Hatred Brothers HB-005) was released in 1999.  It is a very good sounding release with the American edit of the radio show.  “Daylight” is missing and is replaced by a short Pioneer Hi Fidelity commercial featuring Elton John.

The radio broadcast was meant to promote Preservation Act II, released right about this time.  The double A single “Mirror Of Love” and “He’s Evil” are given prominence in the set, both highlights of the set. 

Also interesting are the extended versions of “Here Comes Yet Another Day” and “Skin And Bones.”  Ray uses his sense of humor introducing himself as “a well-known blues musician,” and before “Dedicated Follower Of Fashion” says they’re going to play a few of their songs “we put on the hit parade.  Silence!!”

Here Comes The Groove is very good because of the performance and excellent sound quality.  Even the American announcer and commercial break are not an intrusion.  It gives the tape nice context.  But the missing song means this isn’t a definitive release of the show. 

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