Yes – Maryland Heights (Siréne-054)


Maryland Heights (Siréne-054)

Riverport Amphitheater, Maryland Heights, MO – June 29th, 1994

Disc 1: Intro/Perpetual Change, The Calling, I Am Waiting, Rhythm Of Love, Hearts, Real Love, Changes, Heart Of The Sunrise, Cinema, City Of Love

Disc 2: Make It Easy/Owner Of A Lonely Heart, Rabin piano solo/And You And I, Where Will You Be?, I’ve Seen All Good People, Walls, Endless Dream, Hold On, Roundabout

Yes’ Talkera is one of the most divisive in their thirty-five year career. Many didn’t like the decision to reform the 1980’s lineup after the artistically successful Union tour. And this album sounded woefully out of place and archaic compared to the popularity of grunge and NIN’s The Downward Spiralin 1994. The tour in support of this album lasted for the better part of six months, beginning on June 18th in Binghamton, New York and ending on October 11th in Hiroshima. It was characterized by poor publicity and less than stellar attendance partly due to competing with Pink Floyd’s Division Bell tour and The Eagles’ Hell Freezes Over. After the tour the “classic” lineup reformed for the Keys To Ascension shows and Trevor Rabin left to do film soundtracks truly marking the end of an era. There have not been many silver boots released from this tour.

The first two shows in upstate New York exist on tape. The June 18th Binghamton show exists on Gimme More(Insect IST 75/76) and two releases circulate for the following show on June 19th in Canandaigua, Can’t Stop Lovin’ (Planet-x PLAN 053), containing eight songs from the show, and the popular Endless Dream (Octopus Octo 031/032) documenting the complete show. About half of the July 2nd Tinley Park, Illinois concert appears on Time For A Planet (RHP 678), and Purple Haze In Pittsburgh (MBCD 12) has the complete August 24th show from Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. The most recent release is the three disc set Endless Road (Highland HL488/489/490) with the August 11th Orlando, Florida show plus to tracks, “Cinema” and “City Of Love”, from this show.

Maryland Heights is the first Siréne release of the year and the first time the entire Missouri show has been available. Many of the above releases are sourced from either excellent audience tape or recordings from the Concertsonics broadcasts they used in the venues. But Siréne use what sounds like a legitimate soundboard recording. It is excellent and clear and is much more dynamic than the others and a vast improvement over the Highland making it the best sounding Talk bootleg available. There are no major cuts and the show is complete. The audience do sound very far away but are audible between numbers.

Maryland Heights occurs during the second week of the tour and includes four songs that were seldom played. They include “Cinema”, “City Of Love”, “Where Will You Be?” (each played at about half of the shows on the tour), and “Hold On” (played in only twenty of the seventy-six concerts making it the second rarest song except for “Yours Is No Disgrace” played only in the final night of the tour). The show begins with a four minute introduction during which the band play a short, instrumental version of “Perpetual Change” with the emphasis upon the song’s closing instrumental counterpoint. The first two songs are the more visible ones from the new album “The Calling” (released as a single) and the mellow “I Am Waiting”.  After two songs from the early Rabin years “Rhythm Of Love” and the gorgeous “Hearts”, “Real Love” is introduced as and ” Earth song….Sky song.” With its quirky melody and time signatures, this is one of Yes’ most risky songs and they play it flawlessly.

“Owner Of A Lonely Heart”, still their biggest hit, has the “Make It Easy” introduction that was released officially on the Yesyears box set. Trevor Rabin’s piano solo is a two minute introduction to “And You And I”. Afterwards Anderson says, “You sound so wonderful. In fact when we’re doing the song you sound louder than we are. The energy coming from you is just incredible. Here’s a song we recorded for the new album. When I put down the words. It was about two or three months later that I remember listening again to what that song that I realizing what I was writing about. It was very simple yet some way very special. To me it seems like we’ve lived many lives and if we open up to the idea that we have lived many lives. This is just another life to live and enjoy and really enjoy life. Thinking that maybe one time in another life we were Chinese or we were African or we were American Native Indian and that we’re living so many lives all the time. This is what the song is saying. Song is called ‘Where Will You Be?'” This is one of the best songs to come off of the album and one of the prettiest in the entire Yes catalogue.

The set ends with a version of “Endless Dream” that reaches almost twenty minutes and sounds perfect. This is the only long epic written by Rabin and the heavy metal parts contrast with the serene ending. “Hold On” and “Roundabout” are the two encores for a show that reaches almost three hours. Maryland Heights makes good use of the official LP’s graphic design and the Peter Max logo that was only used for this release. It is a good decision by Siréne to release this tape on a silver release and is a title worth having.

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