New John Lennon on Strange Apple

New from Strange Apple is John Lennon The Piano Tape (SAR-016).  This contains demos from Ascot Sound Studios, Tittenhurst Park, Ascot, England in November 1970. It contains the following tracks:  01. Make Love, Not War 02. I’m The Greatest 03. How? 04. Child Of Nature 05. Oh Yoko! 06. Sally And Billy 07. Rock & Roll People 08. Oh Yoko! 09. Help! 10. Untitled Instrumental 11. John and Yoko’s Ascot Christmas Message 12. People Get Ready / How? 13. How? 14. My Heart Is In Your Hands 15. Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues 16. I Promise 17. You Know Hard It Is 18. I’ll Make You Happy

Bonus Tracks
19. Mind Games (Make Love, Not War) 20. Mind Games (I Promise)

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  1. Tracks 1 – 18 appear to be a straight copy of Vigotone’s “Compositions” release, which can still be found occasionally. The two bonus tracks seem to be taken from Vigotone’s “Absolute Elsewhere” CD 2, tracks 14 & 13.
    Maybe people do not wish to hear the Yoko tracks that were removed from the “Compositions” but it would have been nice to reconstruct the original tape running order by inserting “I’m Having A Baby By My Love” from the LLT radio discs following “Help”, the so far unbootlegged “Somewhere in My Sky” (LLT series) after the Christmas Message and “I’m Not As Strong As You Think” (LLT series) after track 16. That would have been a lot more effort than a simple copy and paste job. Don’t bootleggers have the “Eight Arms” book?


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