June 16th, 2008 news and new releases: Lots of Stones, The Chronicles Of Led Zeppelin, and The King!!

The SODD label have two new Rolling Stones releases coming out soon.  Exile On Main Street Outtakes (SODD 069) is a one disc set with various outtakes from the famous album with “Get A Line On You,” “Good Time Woman,” “Shake Your Hips,” “Hillside Blues,” “Sweet Virginia,” “Bent Green Needles,” “Loving Cup,” “Ventilator Blues,” “I Ain’t Signifying,” “Let It Loose,” “All Down The Line,” “Travelin’ Man,” “Stop Breaking Down,” “Shine A Light,” and “I’m Going Down.” 

Live At Budokan 2003 (5th Anniversary Edition) (SODD 070/71) is a two disc set documenting the March 10th, 2003 show at Budokan Hall in Tokyo, Japan.  This show was released last year on the Exile label with the soundcheck, but it isn’t clear if this is the same tape source or something different. 

The new The Chronicles Of Led Zeppelin have released their first two titles.  How Many Years Gone With The Wind (The Chronicles Of Led Zeppelin 001/002/003) contains the April 23rd, 1977 show at the Omni in Atlanta, Georgia.  This is the first silver release of this show.

Long Drive To Seattle (The Chronicles Of Led Zeppelin 004/005/006/007) is a four disc set with the alternate tape source that was partially used on No Quarter on H-Bomb source for the March 21st, 1975 concert with the legendary 45 minute version of “Dazed & Confused.” 

Rolling Stones Copenhagen 1973 contains the October 7th, 1973 Copenhagen, both early and late shows.

David Bowie Torquay 1972 (Wardour-057) contains the the newly surfaced June 16th, 1972 Ziggy Stardust show from Torquay, England.  This is early on in the tour and has the rare Cream cover “I Feel Free” instead of “Width Of A Circle.”   

Darker Than Blue changed the front cover of their latest Deep Purple release Burn The Witch.  This show dates from the early days of the Coverdale/Hughes line up, but the first cover had a photo with Ian Gillan. 

Other new releases today are:

The Beatles Abbey Road Show.  This is a box set with 5 audio and one DVD covering the monitor mixes.  The Beatles at Abbey Road 1983, Working Monitor Mix plus special bonus tracks: The Making of Hey Jude. DVD: The  Abbey Road Video Show plus music section: Stereo Soundtracks From John Barrett Original Tapes. NTSC?  Limited to 500 copies.

Elivs Presley A Legendary Performer Vol. 1-4 (WLR-1058) is a DVD containing:

Volume 1: The Fifties, Army Days, The Sixties, Movie Galleries, A Man Called Charro, Aloha From Hawaii, The Seventies. Volume 2: Live 1955-1956, Elvis And June, Jailhouse Rock Trailer, Images: The Fifties, Army Induction, A Movie Musical Celebration, Girls, Girls, Girls trailer, Elvis And Danny Thomas, Elvis At The International, The Final Concert. Volume 3: The Fifties, Army Days, The Sixties, The 68/69 Comeback, The Seventies, Elvis Live 1977. Volume 4: Elvis Sends Them: The Fifties, The 1956 Bubblegum Card Collection, Occupation G.I. Blues, Singer Presents: Elvis 68, Madison Square Garden, The 1976 Birmingham Concert, Commercials And Clips.  Seven hours and eleven minutes on NTSC.

And there is more of The King on CD with The Live Soundboard Collection:

Snowbird (LSC-015) Live at the Las Vegas International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, January 29th 1971.

Carry Me Back To Old Virgina (LSC-016), Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia, April 10th 1972.

Don’t Think Twice (LSC-017), Las Vegas International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, January 29th 1973.

Event Number 8 (LSC-018), Houston Astrodome, Houston, Texas, March 3rd 1974.

Breathing Out Fire (LSC-019), University Of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio, October 6th 1974.

South Bend (LSC-020), Macon Coliseum, Macon, Georgia, August 31st 1976.

Holding Back Tears (LSC-021), Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinatti, Ohio, March 21st 1976.

Still Rocking The Nation (LSC-022), Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, Alabama, September 6th 1976.

Old Times They Are Not Forgotten (LSC-023), Memorial Coliseum, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, August 30th 1976.

And finally, Girl Happy At The World’s Fair (WLR-2074) has multiple takes of sixteen Elvis songs!

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  1. Its about time a label released concerts WITHOUT heavy handed EQ’ing. Keep the prices reasonable and you may even eclipse TDOLZ (my all time fave boot label) We all know that exclusivity isn’t something that bootleggers honor, so here’s hoping the knockoffs are not “remastered” editions…’s hoping!

  2. Does anyone have any idea what the price range is going to be on the Chronicles of Led Zeppelin titles?

  3. I’m not exactly sure, but it might be a copy of the At Abbey Road Show Vol. 1 & 2 on MBE released late last year.

  4. Re: The Beatles ‘Abbey Road Show’ – sounds mostly like a re-release of Yellow Dog’s ‘Control Room Monitor Mixes’ YD032 and the two double CDs ‘Complete Controlroom Monitor Mixes’ Vols. 1&2


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