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New Empress Valley

Empress Valley released an interesting new title today called St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (EVSD-507/508/509).  This is a three disc soundboard from the excellent February 14th, 1975 Nassau Coliseum gig with the entire show.  Initial reports say this is in very good mono.

The packaging is the same as used with the other 75 soundboards from the label: a flimsy digipack in a slip case.  There is a special extremely limited Murder Incorporated Edition limited to “only” 200 copies and priced higher than the already high priced normal edition.

Above scan courtesy of Broken Arrow 

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  1. Wow! It rocks! I have never seen so hot discussion anywhere.

  2. This is the best damn entertainment I’ve had in quite some time. Even I have to admit that some of this beats the sheer pleasure of listening to a good solid release. In all fairness, the reviewers, myself included, spend, unselfishly, hours upon hours conducting our respective reviews and we are more than happy to do so. We love listening to and critiquing these silver label issue titles with as much objectivity as possible.

  3. i want some more ’73 shows. Any good ones on the horizon?

  4. You see the abuse I receive? And I do this for fun….

  5. Hey Beelzebub go crawl back under your rock…this forum is to discuss real CD labels not some parasite who steals other labels releases over eq’s them to death and burns them on cheap CDR’s in their mothers basement and tries to sell them for real silver cd prices…expensive coasters……..and you just inspired me to make a donation to the site…keep up the good work GS..I may not always agree with you but I do appreciate and respect your efforts….

  6. you retarded…seems NO one trust you, fact you are THE CLOWN ..the biggest clownciao tuco and try to finf more donations……..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    ciao & keep quite doggy ..good doggy tuco…a GOOD loser…i remember !!!! that’s all tuco tuco…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. I speak about pulling the post down because it is leading to aggrevation in “Wilbur” whose comments are becoming more tense and erratic. The staff works very hard on this site and we ask no fees. We ask for donations which goes largely unheeded.

    I never take anything personally and my criticism of this new release is not a “hidden agenda.” I don’t like the packaging of the Murder Incorporated version and I don’t like the sound of the samples I do have.

    Accusing me of harboring a secret agenda against EV is unfair and untrue. You can examine my reviews of EV titles going back over the past decade and you will see that I’ve been very enthusiastic for the label. Out of the last five EV titles I reviewed on this site, I gave positive reviews to three, mixed for one, and a negative for the fifth.

    And the accusation that I give positive reviews to donated titles is similarly unfair. For those labels who donate, they do so with the understanding that we will give honest reviews, and if their product sucks then we’ll say so. If you examine the reviews of me and the other writers, you’ll see that.

  8. GS, your comment on pulling this thread and never reviewing another EV title makes it appear as if you are the one being overly sensitive. Maybe you and Rocker are privy to some inside info on EV being sensitive to criticism but as far as I know responses questioning your motives are the opinions of several boot fans to negative comments you made which seemed to have a hidden agenda regarding the new EV 75 Nassau title nothing more. I am a fan of boots who is not “elite” and I have no allegiance to EV. I have a budget for silver boots and buy a fraction of what I would like due to financial concerns. I have been collecting silver cd boots for many years and have a nice collectoin but have less than 10 EV titles. Like any label which puts out a lot of titles they release their share of stinkers and mediocre shows but in the case of Nassau I and others think they hit homerun. I also rely on sites like yours to help me decide how to spend my small budget for silver boots. But I also would hope the reviewers would give an objective review and not let their prejudices creep into their reviews. Go back and read your comments related to EV in this thread again and let me know if you feel you were being totally objective or if some dislike for EV was coloring your comments. In my and others opinion it is the latter which is driving this thread….Don’t take these comments so personal. Like any artist your work is open to critique and not everyone is going to agree with you every time……despite our difference of opinion I think your site is amazing and the best resource on the internet for us collectors…..I appreciate you allowing me to have my say so no more on this from me…with respect…..

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