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new Godfather

The Godfather label has a new batch of titles coming out soon. 

Bruce Springsteen Everybody’s Rocking Tonight (GR 598/599/600) documents The Fox Theater, Atlanta, Georgia, radio broadcast from September 30th, 1978.

Bob Dylan All Roads Lead To Rome (GR 601/602) contains the Palazzo Della Civiltà e Del Lavoro, Rome, Italy, show from June 20, 1989 pressed for the first time on CD.

QueenPerfume Came Naturally From Wembley (GR 603/604) contains a remastered edition of the great December 8th, 1980 London show.

The Rolling Stones Stoning The Coliseum (GR 605) has the new audience tape of the November 9th, 1969 late show in Oakland.

The Allman Brothers Band Keep On Wondering (GR 606) contains the soundboard of the SUNY Stony Brook show in New York on July 26th, 1970.

Johnny Cash Longing For Old Virginia (GR 607) documents Wheeling, West Virginia, Jamboree USA, Capitol Music Hall, October 2, 1976, Late Show.

U2 Anoeta 2010 (GR 608/609) contains San Sebastian, Spain, Estadio Anoeta, on September 26th, 2010.

And finally Bob Dylan A Different Set Of Rules (GR 610/611), which has the final show from the 2010 fall tour in Mashantucket, CT.

Apolcaypse  Sound will release the DVD Michael Jackson This Was Him (AS 200) which contains various rare live footage from 1971 to 1999.  

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  1. I’ve had the chance to hear the Springsteen release tonight & true to form it’s as good as the Broose fans have mentioned – I haven’t had a chance to compare & contrast but I’ll have another listen tomorrow. I can safely say though it’s a great choice by the Don.

  2. Aha, thanks – I presumed the *other source* was an audience recording (I’m no Springsteen expert at all, but I do have that Rattlesnake release)

  3. Well not quite. The Rattlesnake title is a properly mixed multi-tracks recording containing only two third of the show, whereas the CC release has the full show in soundboard.

  4. Tes the Rattlesnake is a 2CD set, because only features the SBD portion of the show (great artworks and liner notes btw)

  5. Also, regarding the Rattlesnake release-I believe that it doesn’t contain the full show since it’s on 2 discs whereas the CC release is the full show on 3 discs..just an FYI

  6. Thanks tmoq! I’ll certainly pick this one up on my travels. I think the CC Nassau is the same as the RS but I still haven’t got the CC for comparison.

  7. Don’t have the Nassau/Rattlesnake (though I do have the Nassau Crystal Cat which is a very good soundboard). The Atlanta show is a radio broadcast-the previous releases on Turtle and Doberman are both very good; can’t imagine Godfather messing this one up. Performance is top-notch as well, as most ’78 shows are.

  8. Does anyone know how this Springsteen release might compare to, say, “Midnight In Nassau” on Rattlesnake for sound quality please?

  9. Springsteen is definitely growing on me and especially earlier material from the 70’s. I’m also curious to hear this new Stones tape.

  10. Nice to see this Springsteen show on silver, pressed discs. The latest release before the Godfather title was a 3cdr set on Doberman and the 3cd set from years ago on the awkwardly packaged “Here’s To Ya” on Turtle Records.

  11. Yes I believe that’s correct. The Godfatherecords label is releasing the new alternate audience tape of the Oakland 2nd show as a single release.

  12. Is the rolling stones not the 9th november 1969, the new source that dac116 release.

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