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new Godfather

The Rolling Stones We Got A Good Thing Going (GR 756/757) contains BBC tapes from 1963 to 1965.  Godfather utilize the best available tapes for these sessions. 

Kate Bush The Tour Of Life (GR 758/759) contains the April 10th, 1979 show in Manchester for the first time on CD.

Van Morrison Just Like Way Back In The Days Of Old (GR 760) contains the October 9th, 1970 soundboard from the Fillmore West. 

 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band The Italian Promise (GR 761/762/763) contains the June 7th, 2012 show in Milan, another legendary three hour performance at San Siro. 

Queen Au Poil! (GR 764/765) is the CD debut of the July 30th, 1986 show in Frejus, France. 

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  1. The Stones is superb! For the era it is mind blowing. Highly recommended.

  2. Kate Bush, SPringsteen and especially the new Zep box leave me breathless!

  3. Thanks booboo. You are quite right. “Fairy on the Road” (Never Forever) and “Manchester 1979 Complete” (no label) are both CD-Rs, not pressed, silver CDs. I stand corrected.
    The soundboard recording is quite insightful. Over the years, I believe many Kate Bush fans have become familiar and accustomed to the highly polished Hammersmith show and its slick, professional production. This soundboard recording allows listeners to hear what Kate’s live show in 1979 really sounded like.

  4. I believe the Godfather Kate Bush title ..is the first time that it’s been out on silver CD. I think that the other two titles you mentioned are CDR.

  5. I believe the Godfather release of the Kate Bush will not be the first time on CD for the April 10, 1979 Manchester show. Audience taping of the show has been out before, originally on vinyl by the Rock Solid Records label. Very recently the soundboard tape has been released on CD as “Fairy on the Road” (Never Forever) and as “Manchester 1979 Complete” (no label). I believe the soundboard recording was derived from the unbroadcast Granada TV “On The Road” film. Nonetheless, Godfather has obviously been hard at work on another batch of exciting new releases. Thanks!

  6. I really like to the look of the Kate Bush. She’s so hard to find on silver.

  7. the van morrison cd soundboard looks great;
    knowing bill graham frequently recorded performances, i wonder if a soundboard also exists of the support act, captain beefheart. is anyone aware of such recordings.

  8. The good ‘father continues to leave me poor each month by shipping out some fantastic stuff. There’s not one release this month that I couldn’t find room for in my collection. I’m particularly looking forward to the Stones set to hear how good these recordings can actually get.

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