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New Godfather and Sigma titles

New titles announced from Godfather due for February release!

Led Zeppelin High Heeled Sneakers (GR 352/353) is a 2CD set that contains the Hampton Roads Coliseum show from September 9, 1971 with bonus tracks from September 4, 1971 at Maple Leaf Gardens. Both recordings are from the soundboard.

Eric Clapton Turn Up Down The Unreleased Album (GR 354) is a single disc containing an unreleased studio album from April 1980.

Bob Dylan False Idols Fall (GR 358/359) is a 2CD set with the Chicago Stadium show from October 18, 1978 and comes from an excellent audience recording.

Bruce Springsteen Teardrops On The City (GR 355/356/357) is an excellent audience source on three CDs from May 8, 1981 in Stockholm, Sweden with bonus tracks from Frankfurt on April 14, 1981.

Lou Reed Ride Paris Ride (GR 360) features the May 25, 1974 soundboard recording from…..you guessed it, Paris.

New on DVD from Apocalypse Sound is Radiohead Japanese Step (AS 163). This is a TV broadcast from Saitama, Japan on October 5, 2008 with Saturday Night Live from October 14, 2000 as an extra feature.

Three Pink Floyd titles were also announced from Sigma today! The first is a collection of various Japanese sources titled Missing Pieces: Japan Tour 1972 (Sigma 34). This has two hours of new and never released before sources from Tokyo, Osaka, and Sapporo.

Bradford 1971 (Sigma 35) is a 2CD set from Bradford University, Yorkshire, UK from October 10, 1971 in truly amazing sound.

…and finally the recently discussed Lisner Auditorium, Washington, DC show from November 16, 1971 will be issued on the 2CD Washington 1971 (Sigma 36), also listed as truly amazing sound.

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  1. I am planning on starting a review soon for Sigma’s Missing Pieces and will keep this info in mind. Thanks.

  2. Is it also possible that the SOS claimed to be from 3/9/72 Osaka is actually misdated and could have been taken from Highland’s “Fourth Eclipsed Night”? (on which SOS is really from 3/9/71 Osaka)
    My ideas, however, are all conjecture as I have not heard the Sigma title. This theory is only based on internet research/logic…

  3. RE: Pink Floyd ‘Missing Pieces’:
    If the AHM claimed to be from 3/13/72 Sapporo is taken from “The Cold Side of the Bow” bootleg, then apparently that AHM is actually from 3/8/72 Osaka.

  4. There will be a full review posted soon, but on a first hearing it sounds like there is more well defined bass to this remaster but there are clicks on the tape during “What Is And What Should Never Be” that are not present on older releases. So it’s a mixed bag so far.

  5. Has anyone heard ‘Hiheeled Sneakers?’….I try to get the one or two best-sounding Zep ROIO from each touring year…does this make the cut?

  6. Let me tell you about zeppelin it’s super.

  7. The Hampton Roads show is a good one and early LZ SB shows are each to be cherished… It’s just been out on silver many times before and I personally don’t need to own an identical (non-upgraded) version.

  8. Thanks brianvy! I,m not getting the “must have” vibe that I get with some titles BUT there aren’t that many 71 SB titles going around.
    Would getting the Orlando SB be a better idea?
    PS: Wasn’t Jennings Farm Blues released like 15-20 years ago and it was a mix of different stuff? I remember a horrible cover.

  9. The LZ is rehash-o-rama. Wow… Pedro… sooooo, a very famous release of the LZ Toronto 1971 SB is “Jennings Farm Blues” from Scorpio (J.F.B. 64-10-170). Of course there are also many releases of the Hampton Roads tape …. but this release is a logical SB combination if nothing else…

  10. You’re correct – High Heeled Sneakers contains a portion of soundboard from Toronto 1971 although it’s only few songs.

  11. Wow! Lots of Pink fans but here’s a Zeppelin question:
    Is the Maple Leaf portion of HIGH HEEL SNEAKERS really from the soundboard??
    There has been multiple releases from this show but I don’t remember any from the SB, just good quality aud recordings of an ok show.
    Maybe using the sb from Maple Leaf ( if it actually exists) to fill in the gaps and complete the Hampton Roads would produce a good 71 show.

  12. I personally found the Gold Standard version of the Bradford ’71 show to be only a slight upgrade of the Ayanami 2-pro-CD-R version, which was already quite good. As for the Washington ’71 show, the old factory-pressed silver 1-CD’s “Fat Old Sun” & “Eugene” released many years ago on the Oil Well label but considerably hard to find, are noticeably quite better than the Gold Standard version, as is the fan-produced non-commercial 2-CD-R “Something From Nothing”.

  13. Yes, somebody is listening. How about some of the L.A. shows from ’75 that have never seen the light of day. Come on hoarders, give ’em up.

  14. Great news on the Floyd front. However, the constant claims of “…truly amazing sound” have not always been borne out, as some recent releases clearly highlight (eg. Dark Side Of The West). Both Bradford 1971 and Washington 1971 have both been issued before on the Gold Standard label, with both titles boasting excellent sound quality.

  15. Outstanding front covers – Sigma’s artwork has been excellent so far. And releasing as many as 6 discs at the same time is a new record for them, and I can’t recall Siréne or Ayanami ever releasing more than six at once. Very exciting, or at least very interesting, news. So maybe Sigma was actually listening when I very recently mentioned on this site the need for the Washington, DC 1971-11-16 concert.

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