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new Godfather releases for July

Genesis A Bedtime Must (GR 654/655) is the debut silver release of Genesis’ set at the Charisma Festival on January 30th, 1973 in Reggio Emilia, Italy. 

The Byrds Sell Your Soul To The Company (GR 656) contains a soundboard recording from Stockton, California, from September 20th, 1970.

Bob Dylan Live At Sydney Entertainment Centre (GR 657/658) contains an audience recording of the April 28th, 2011 show in Sydney, Australia.

Foo Fighters Live From Ed Sullivan Theater (GR 651) has their appearance on the Letterman show from April 12th, 2011.

Pink Floyd Animals In Belgium (GR 652/653) is the silver pressed debut of the February 20th, 1977 show in Antwerp. 

Neil Young Road Of Penty(GR BOX 04) is the fourth boxset from Godfather.  This covers live rarities and unreleased songs covering Neil Young’s forty year career. 

 The Unreleased Songs covers the first two sets, and the final 2CD set contains the Live Rarities

Bob Dylan The Blood Of The Lamb (Apocalypse Sound AS202) contains various video documents from Dylan’s “born-again” period, including “Saturday Night Live,” Toronto, and 1984 on Letterman.

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  1. I’ve listened to the Foo Fighters release several times now and Godfather present them in excellent sound quality and I’m really enjoying this concert. I think I mentioned before that I picked up their latest official release and really like the music. Now hearing it live, I like it even more. Thanks Godfather!!!

  2. I’m way behind in listening and commenting about these Godfather releases. I also miss reviewing however those days are over due to a serious injury. Anyway, I was wondering if any other CMR members are also enjoy The Byrds release? Although I enjoy their pop hits, I really enjoy the live material once Clarence White joined the band. I believe at this point Roger McGuinn was the only original member left.

  3. The line up is as each monthly GF/AS line up very varied and many releases that other labels do not even think about. They release daring and interesting material which I really like.

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing all of these. The box sets that Godfather has been releasing are top quality deluxe packaging with great sound. I was quite amazed at the deluxe packaging that was used for the Floyd and first Springsteen boxes. I purchased the latest official CD of Foo Fighters and have really been enjoying it. Can’t wait to hear these songs live. The Byrds is a real surprise for me. For years, I was only familiar with only their radio hits and this past year I picked up one of their official box sets and discovered that there was more to this band. Thanks Godfather for pressing one of their live performances and also really looking forward to seeing and hearing this one too! Another great month of releases from the label that’s my first choice when it comes to variety.
    Another Floyd making it’s debut on silver!!! I could go on and on but will save the rest of my comments for after I’ve received and listened to all these…

  5. These are great news! Especially the Neil Young boxset and the Dylan Shows from Sydney are the ones I’m looking forward to. Let’s hope that Godfather is also releasing Dylan’s recent gig from Milano. Would even be better on Apocalypse Sound to see Bob crooning on “Can’t wait”. Okay, AS is not releasing audience shots, but this would be worth an exception… (let’s hope somebody filmed this nice club gig…)

  6. The Foo Fighters title is from the Letterman webcast on April 12th. It has sixteen tracks lasting over an hour.

  7. Does anyone have a track listing for the Foo Fighters title? Don’t musical guests on talk shows such as Letterman only perform one or two songs at best?

  8. Nicely done Godfather…another Pink Floyd silver pressed debut…can’t wait. Not many (or any) labels pressing Foo Fighters titles these days either.

  9. Wonderful stuff once again. I’m really looking forward to hearing the Dylan concert. One of the first silver pressings of his shows this year. At least SOMEONE is putting them out!
    The Neil Young box should be a great move too. Even though the Archives project is moving along no doubt it’ll end up missing a lot of these pieces that we’re presented with here.
    Thank you Godfather!

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